10 Best Gaming Mouse Pad Brands Recommendations for 2020

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 (1 year ago)

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Mousepads are often an underrated computer or laptop accessory. Generally, most of you will number the mouse pad compared to others. And usually ends up using cheap mouse pad.

In fact, the mouse pad is also an important accessory in supporting computing activities, especially if you use a mouse a lotMoreover, nowadays many users not only use computers for work but also to play games. And mouse pads for playing games generally tend to be cheap, as opposed to gaming mice that can cost hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Please note, a cheap mouse pad is actually fine, but it would be nice to use a quality mouse pad. This is for the convenience of using a computer, especially for gamers. Now many mouse pad manufacturers have presented mouse pad products specifically for gaming. Some of them feature the best mouse pads on the following list.

1. Razer

Razer is known as a manufacturer of specialized gaming hardware and accessories. For mousepads, Razer has several types of quality mouse pad products that are suitable for playing games. For example, for example, the Razer Goliathus Speed ​​Cosmic Small Gaming Mousepad, which is thick with Razer’s signature green nuance. There is also the Razer Mousepad Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad which is an anti-mainstream design but is quite comfortable for gaming needs.

Oh well, be careful with the fake Razer mouse pad. Generally, mouse pad types have the Razer logo but are sold cheaply for around tens of thousands of rupiah. And the quality is also not good. The original Razer mouse pad is generally priced INR 4,896.

2. Logitech

Logitech is known as a manufacturer of the best computer accessory brands such as mice and keyboards. This manufacturer also turns out to have a gaming mouse pad productSeveral types of gaming mouse pad products that Logitech sells, for example the Logitech G240, Logitech G440, and Logitech G640 which have larger sizes. Just like the mouse pad from Razer, Logitech mouse pad price INR 2,390.

3. Corsair

Corsair is known as a manufacturer of quality hardware components. This manufacturer also apparently has several computer accessory products, including mouse padsOne mouse pad from Corsair that deserves to be chosen is the MM8800 RGB POLARIS, an RGB mouse pad that has good durability and precision when used with a mouse.

In addition, there is also a mouse pad  MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. The mouse pad has an elongated shape so it can be used not only for the mouse pad but also for the keyboard pad. Interesting right?

4. Roccat

This manufacturer is perhaps not as famous as the three manufacturers previously mentioned. Even though Roccat is also a mouse pad manufacturer that deserves to be chosen. Some mouse pad products are quite interesting and good for gaming needs.

One of the Roccat mouse pad brands that are suitable for playing games is Roccat Hiro. This product has a unique surface. This surface is designed to provide comfort and accuracy when using the mouse. Apart from Roccat Hiro, Roccat also has other mouse pad products such as Roccat Taito and Roccat Sense.

5. Rexus

If you need a gaming mouse pad that is more affordable but still high quality, then you can choose Rexus mouse pad. Rexus has several types of mouse pads that are cheap, which is only tens of thousands of rupiah, but in terms of quality and comfort, they are not cheap. The types of mouse pads from Rexus are Rexus Gaming Mousepad Kvlar T1, Rexus Gaming Mousepad Kvlar T2, and Rexus Gaming Mousepad Kvlar T3.

6. SteelSeries

SteelSeries has a high-quality mouse pad product. One of the most popular mouse pad products from SteelSeries is the SteelSeries QcK. This mousepad is highly recommended for gamers. Why? Because the SteelSeries QcK mouse pad comes in a wide and large size. This rubber mouse pad also has a relatively smooth cloth surface so it is comfortable on the wrist.

7. Fantech

Fantech also presents a mouse pad that can be used for gaming needs as well as for productivity needs. For example, the Fantech MP44 product, which has a low price. Fantech also provides a classy and high-quality gaming mouse pad such as the FIREFLY MPR351 RGB which costs around Rp. 300 thousand.

8. E-Blue

E-Blue is known as a computer accessory manufacturer whose name is just starting to be recognized. This manufacturer has a quality gaming mouse pad. An example is the E-Blues Flash RGB which is priced at around INR 249.

There is also an E-Blues Flash RGB mouse pad variant that supports wireless charging technology. With technology, you can charge your smartphone that supports wireless charging via this mouse pad. For those of you who need an affordable gaming mouse pad, E-Blue also provides cheap mouse pad products such as the E-BLue Auroza and E-Blue Cobra.

9. Havit

Havit is known as a manufacturer of affordable computer accessories, including mouse pads. Some mouse pad products that Havit sells are indeed priced cheaply when compared to other mouse pads. However, that doesn’t mean a mouse pad from Havit is cheap, huh.

Havit has an affordable gaming mouse pad such as the  Havit HV-MP808 gaming mouse pad which costs only Rp. 30 thousand. If you want a better series, you can choose the Havit HV MP830 MAGIC EAGLE mouse pad, which is priced at INR1290.

10. Armaggeddon

If you need a gaming mouse pad that is not too expensive but not very cheap, you can buy a mouse pad from Armaggeddon. The product in question is Armaggeddon AS-33H, a mouse pad for INR579 thousand which has an elongated shape and is suitable for playing games. There is also the Armaggeddon Mousematt 33 H mouse pad which costs only INR 579.

Among the 10 mouse pad brands for gaming, which mouse pad from the manufacturer attracted you? If you have decided to buy a mouse pad, you can buy this mouse pad variant at amazon because in online stores there are so many mouse pad variants. The price listed in the description of each brand is also based on the price of the product at amazon.



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