5 Best Free Fire Character Skills

Free Fire presents various types of characters with different skills. Because of these differences in skills, some characters are very popular and some are even considered dregs.

Previously, androidalexa had discussed the Free Fire character with the dregs skill. On this occasion, Androidalexa will discuss Free Fire’s best character skills. Are you curious about the characters? Stay tuned!


1. Chrono

5 Best Free Fire Character Skills
Chrono / Andridalexa

The character who was released at the end of last year is one of the characters with the best skills. Chrono has a Time-Turner skill that will produce a force field that will withstand damage from enemies and increase his movement speed.

2. Rafael

5 Best Free Fire Character Skills
Rafael / Androidalexa

If you like tactical games or ambushes, Rafael is the character for you. His Dead Silent skill will render him invisible in the mini-map for 8 seconds. So you can freely shoot your opponent without getting caught.

3. Laura

5 Best Free Fire Character Skills
Laura / Androidalexa

In a battle royale game like Free Fire, high accuracy is very influential for shooting opponents. By using Laura, the accuracy of your weapon will increase thanks to Laura’s Sharp Shooter skill. So you can easily aim and eliminate enemies.

4. Hayato

5 Best Free Fire Character Skills

Hayato is a legendary descendant of the samurai character, he has the Bushido skill that will increase armor penetration when blood is reduced. So the damage you produce will hurt more than usual.

 5. Shirou

5 Best Free Fire Character Skills
Sjirou / Androidalexa

Shirou is indeed very popular lately thanks to his Damage Delivered skill. This skill will mark the enemy who shot it. Therefore  Shirou becomes an OP character as well as a long-range counter attack like a sniper.

So, those are the 5 best Free Fire character skills, what do you think? Or do you have your version For the best character skills? Write your opinion!

So, those are the 5 best Free Fire character skills. That’s the information on Free Fire this time and for those of you who don’t want to miss information about the game world, don’t forget to keep updating information by visiting  ANDROIDALEXA or installing the application.


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