Apple revealed some downsides with MagSafe that users need to be aware of

With the use of extremely strong magnets, MagSafe can affect certain objects of the user. This is mentioned by Apple in a new support page on its website, which not only explains how to use the MagSafe system to charge the iPhone but also lists some of the downsides of using it.

The company says things like credit cards, passports, and even security keys placed between an iPhone and a MagSafe charger could damage the magnetic strips used on those items. This can delete all data stored on the magnetic card. If you have a metal case or too thick MagSafe charger, make sure that the cards are removed before charging.

Another problem that has been reported by users is one of the “circular markings” left on the holster from the accessory. This warning can be found at the bottom of the support page in small letters that read “If you keep your iPhone in a holster while charging with a MagSafe charger, the case may display circular markings from contact part ”.

To prolong the battery life of your phone, when the iPhone gets too hot, the software restricts the battery charge by over 80%. After heavy use, MagSafe chargers may take longer to charge. If the heat is preventing your phone from charging, move your phone and charger to a cooler location. And this is something that needs to stay in your brain for another day. If you are using a MagSafe charger and accidentally use the Lightning connector at the same time, the iPhone will charge with the Lightning port and turn off MagSafe ”.

If you’ve used a wireless charging dock before, you’ll have no problem getting MagSafe to work. This feature is compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple MagSafe accessories as well as Qi certified devices and accessories. To use the MagSafe charger, the USB-C connector must be connected to a 20W or higher USB-C adapter. If an adapter less than 12W is used, the device will not charge. If it is running at 12W to 19W, the device will charge faster.

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