Arena of Valor (AoV) You Need to Improve

Like other online games, Arena of Valor (AoV) presents a Ranked Match mode, where players will be ranked and placed on a tier according to their abilities.

Garena (publisher of Arena of Valor in India) uses this level division based on ability to create a balanced game by presenting equal teammates and opponents.

In addition, the division of levels in the Match Match mode is done so that players can improve their fighting abilities, because Garena offers prizes in every season, especially for the top tier.

Usually, these prizes are in the form of items that are quite interesting, such as exclusive skins which vary from season to season. This skin is valid permanently, aka not a skin trial (trial) which usually can only be used for a certain period of time.

Even in this game mode, new Arena of Valor users also has the opportunity to get a permanent hero for free just by completing their first three Ranked Match games.

But to be able to play the game in this Match Match mode, Arena of Valor players must meet certain requirements, where the player must have at least three permanent heroes of any kind.

In the game’s Ranked Match mode that is included in one of these ASIAN GAMES branches, there are a total of six tiers or levels that can be reached. Each level is divided into several divisions with different numbers for each level.

Arena of Valor


This Rank level is the lowest rank level and is divided into three divisions. Usually, this Rank level contains new players, who are just learning to use heroes, linings, items, cooperation and so on.


After successfully passing the Bronze level, players will enter the Silver level which is also divided into three divisions. Unlike the Bronze level, this level usually contains players who are a little more familiar with the game.


Furthermore, if you pass the Silver level, the player will reach the Gold level. Starting from this Rank level, Arena of Valor players will get seasonal exclusive skins. To get to the next level, players must pass through the four divisions at this level.


At the Rank level with five divisions, there are some significant changes in the game. This is because usually players who enter this level are players who are quite familiar with the game.


This Rank level is the result of the filtering of the Gold level. Usually, there have been many pro players at this Rank level. And to qualify for the next level, players must pass through five divisions in it.


This Rank level is the highest level in the Arena of Valor, and of course contains selected players. At this level, the top fifty players will be awarded the Grand Conqueror title.

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