Aria2 GUI: Best Free Download Manager Software for Windows PC

Here are some of the best free Aria2 GUI (software download manager) for Windows PC. This GUI can be used to download almost any type of file from the internet. With this, you can download compressed files, torrents, images, Linux ISOs, and much more. This Aria2 GUI just takes the link and then downloads the file to your computer.

Some of them come with Aria2c built-in but in some of them, you have to run the Aria2c RPC server. You can choose to download multiple files too with this software and configure some other optional parameters as well.

The Aria2 GUI is a very popular open-source and download manager with a command prompt. Aria2 supports torrent protocol by default and can download large files easily. However, some people may not be compatible with the command line version because the download commands can be confusing. This is why you can use the following GUI to handle the download task visually like in any other download manager software.

The download manager application that I mention below you can use to replace the existing download manager software because this software does not require a license or buy anything because it is open source.


Persepolis Download Manager

Best Free Download Manager Software for Windows PC-1

Persepolis is one of the best free download manager software for Windows PC which you can use which uses Aria2. It is feature-rich and functional software that you can use to download almost anything. It has the features of all the other leading free download managers out there that you can use and is open source.

Persepolis only needs a file link from you or a torrent file or magnet link. You can track the status of the files being downloaded and manage all downloaded files from the software interface.

Persepolis can run in the background and all you have to do is download and install it. It will automatically detect the download link from the clipboard and you just create a download task and start it. It’s that simple. On the main UI, you can track downloads and categorize the files you download in the Downloads folder.

You can simply run it after downloading and adding your first task. It can take a direct link and will start downloading it immediately. You can also add multiple links for download if you want. For advanced features, it supports proxies, additional advanced headers, cookies, cookies, user agents, and multi-segment downloading.

Download: Persepolis


Best Free Download Manager Software for Windows PC-2

Just like Persepolis above, AWGG is a full-featured download manager software that has almost all advanced features. It runs in the background, supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Dropbox with clipboard monitoring. Here it supports batch downloads with multi-threading support and torrenting with the Aria2 engine. AWGG is another advanced GUI for Aria2 which you can use.

And not only Aria2 but it supports several other popular command line downloaders like cURL, Wget, Axel, and YouTube-Dl. You can use any machine from this to download files and it will save your choice for next time.

This software can be installed right after you download it and then run it. Furthermore, you can start using it to download files and other things from the internet. Before downloading anything, you can choose some advanced options like scheduling. You can schedule your download with this software to download a specific file at a later time.

AWGG has browser integration and you only need to install the browser extension it offers for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. This AWGG can keep an eye on the links on the clipboard to start downloading files automatically or add them to the queue. For advanced download options, you can configure proxies and set custom Aria2 settings in software preferences.

Download: AWGG

Aria2c Remote Control

Best Free Download Manager Software for Windows-3 PC

Aria2c Remote Control is the last free Aria2 GUI on my list that functions as a download manager software. Just like the other software I mention here, it takes a direct link of a file from you and then downloads it on your PC. it even supports torrent files and magnetic links.

For the first time you run it, all controls on the interface will be disabled if the Aria2c RPC server is not running. Just run the server and then the controls will become active. To do that, you just need to configure it from the Tools> Options menu.

Now, after all the controls are activated, just add your URL or torrent file, or magnetic link to start downloading anything. However, you can’t delete files from queue or force delete as this function seems to be broken, at least in Windows 10.

Download: Aria2c Remote Control

All the Aria2 GUIs that I have mentioned in this post are working as they should and can download a file or group of files perfectly. Some of them are even more sophisticated that you can even think about replacing the existing download managers with the ones mentioned here, especially AWGG. This one is the most advanced on this list as it supports multiple machines and has an automatic download feature.

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