Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

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Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Azsuna is located on the West / Southwest side of the Broken Islands. The land was rich in magical and magical leylines that were so dense they formed crystals. Azsuna is home to many elves, nightelves, and highborne.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Azsuna was a very serene place, with mythical beasts dotting the plains. Yet it seems that some Legion corruption has started to take over quite a lot of this land. You will help this land and the people who currently live in it by alerting several Legions as well as assisting the flight of the familiar dragon. The magic academy is also located here because Azsuna is a place that stores a large amount of magic located in its leyline. You’ll also learn about an old enemy you fought on one of your trips back in time to the well of immortality.


In Legion, they introduced dynamic search. Basically, this means that your zone aligns with you or you align with the zone. No matter what your level is, the zone will scale for you, the player. This means you can choose whichever zone you want to explore without worrying about going outside the zone level or making it irrelevant to your level.

To start a zone, all you need to do is go to your Class Hall and open the scouting map in your mission table, and select a zone. From here you will be given an initial quest to go to Dalaran and then it will take you to the zone

Leveling Path

This leveling path by @TemerityMyst of <Temerity> at Windrunner-US.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Start: At Stand Illidari. The innkeeper was in a circular building on the west side of the beach.

  • Do a search in the starting area. You need to use search items on corpses so try to stack some mafia corpses close together then use those items. Complete other quests in Illidari Stand until you are sent to Faronaar.
  • Go to Faronaar, take Bloodthorn, then head West. Release prisoners, kill mobs, and destroy interactable items to complete bonus objectives and free the demon hunters, then head for Stellagosa.
  • Find Stellagosa, slay the mobs in your path when you get the key to free him. Once you free him, mount and run to the next quest, tying up any monsters.
  • Kill the traitor and bring the drake back to the Illidari Stand, talk to Khadgar.
  • Head your way to Azurewing Repose and take the flight path. Talk to Khadgar then go to the big cave in the North and kill the worms. The droprate on this first item is bad so pull lots and nuke them. Next, you are sent to another cave to pick up different crystals to heal some babies, and then you are given a mission to head East.
  • Take the South path until you find a fairy with a mission to kill some dragons. Kill them for him, then he will take you to Farondis.
  • Take the quest from Farondis and co. and went to the coast and water areas to kill murlocs for bones. Go north to find the elder in the water, then go to the north shore to kill Gangamesh. When you’re done, come back.
  • Take the Southeast Farondis to the ruins. Once he stops, take the quest on your right, then head back outside. Return to the way you came and stay on the right side of the path. Turn and enter the building and pick up the quest item there. Head back out the way you came in, cross the path, and up the ladder to the next item. Advance from there, cross the bridge on the 2nd floor to find rare items, and go down to the last item you need. Go north of the path and kill the dragon for the quest item and complete the bonus objective, then turn the quest and use the Scying Orb.
  • Instead of continuing the Farondis quest line at this point, return to the destroyed bridge and turn left onto the path to Shipwreck Arena and do the quest there. Be sure to complete bonus objectives in the cave, use quest items near slaves to arm them and attack large mobs for easy goal progress. There is a treasure chest in the eastern part of the cave too!
  • Exit the cave and talk to Seksa at the south exit. Open the 3 cages and kill the prince, then head East to Shackle’s Den.
  • Take the flight path and look for Shackle’s Den. This flight path is very close to Dalaran, so if you need a short trip to the city it’s quite convenient from here.
  • Go east and find sailors dying against lobsters and goblins. Kill the sailors and kill their attackers to complete both missions at once.
  • Go kill the queen. The entrance to the cave is in a pond adjacent to the rare creature Tide Behemoth. Leave the cave.
  • Go Northeast until you reach The Ruined Sanctum. Talk to the ghost there and then get into the lower handle of the nearest ship and kill the goblins.
  • Optional: The next few quests with Daglop can be skipped. They take a few minutes and are a little out of your way. Skip to 18 if you want to ignore it but if you want to go north towards the falls and up onto the nearest road then cross the bridge.
  • Talk to Daglop and sign the contract. Kill nearby enemy birds for easy feathers, climb hills to kill Shadowrunners for their horns, and pick up olives from the ground. Make sure not to put up
  • when picking up the last item, hand it over to Daglop right away.
  • Head back to the cave at the base of the waterfall and kill the demon, then head back upstairs and head back to Daglop where you met him.
  • Return to Shackle’s Den and turn the quest. Fly to Illid from the Stand.
  • Go up and head back East to where you left the Nar’Thalas Academy quest path.
  • Run the stairs of the ruins and attack Athissa, then search the 3 quest areas. Turning to Farondis.
  • Take Farondis to the academy and do the questline in it. After you wake up in the cave, talk to Farondis and replay the incident from his perspective.
  • Go outside and kill the dragons, use the bonus spear button to drop a lot of HP from the giants and get easy progress. Complete the objective bar then kill Athissa.
  • Head East and blow the horn near the bridge to kill the rare ones, then take the North path and head for Felblaze Ingress and take the flight path. It’s up to you whether you want to do a search here or not.
  • OPTIONAL: Take a mission, click the nearest eye and search the area. Leave the vehicle, take on a new mission, and kill the devil. Hand over the mission. Head Northwest along the path to Azurewing Whelplands.
  • Acquire all quests from the blue dragon, then head West as you work through the quest. Defeat Runas in the cave then complete another quest on the way home. Take the next optional
  • objective before you head back East, or skip it and hand it over. Your call!
  • OPTIONAL: Go West and do Challian’s Terrace Flight points, missions, and bonus objectives. This is your closest distance to the hub, so it’s now or never.
    Path to Ley Ruins, kill mobs for crystals, interactable clicks, and kill two quest NPCs. Submit immediately, don’t focus on completing Bonus Objectives right away. For the next quest, use the
  • extra action button and place the target reticle on the tower to disable it by whelpling. There’s a big chest at the door near the last tower! Get about ~ 85% of the bonus target, then go up the tower and kill Ael’Yith, and click any interactable item around the room to complete the Goal bar. Take the drake on the balcony to the Azurewing Repose.
  • Kill the withers and heal the dragon, then go to the big cave and talk to Runas.
  • Finish: Go outside and kill the monsters attacking Senegos, you are done with Aszuna now, just head to Dalaran and turn on the quest for “Fate of the Queen’s Reprisal” to complete the zone attainment.


There are many rewards that you earn for completing zones. Toys and Pets are unique to their zone, but what all zones have in common is the enormous amount of Artifact Power. However, the amount of Artifact Power you get through quests and treasures is a little different.

Clears the Zone, ensuring the maximum strength artifact obtained for the zone. If you want to make sure you don’t miss Questor’s Glory, check out the list! It also ensures that you work towards unlocking the Loremaster of Legion artifact!

  • The main questlines required for Azsuna Matata are:
  • Behind the Legion Line
  • Azsuna vs Azshara
  • Mak’rana and the Queen’s Revenge Fate
  • Maintaining Azurewing Break
  • Fighting Giants
  • At the maximum level, you can return to Azsuna to complete the World Quest.


  • Explore Azsuna: Explore Azsuna, required for Broken Island Explorer
  • Adventurer Azsuna: Defeat a number of rare spawns/elite in Azsuna.
  • Azsuna’s Treasure: Find 35 treasures in Azsuna.
  • High Dimensional Learning: A special achievement to earn Adept’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting. Use the Beginner’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting to quickly teleport to ley-lines.
  • Azsuna Matata: Complete the Azsuna storyline, which is required for Loremaster of Legion.

Azsuna Toys:

  • Copy of Daglop’s Contract – Summons Daglop.
  • Enchanted Rock Whistle – Obtained from Rep.
  • Mystical Frosh Hat – Relive your academy days.
  • Runas Crystal Grinder – Candy Mmm.
  • Sternfathom’s Pet Journal – For pet experts.
  • Syxsehnz Rod – Scary!
  • Trapped Treasure Chest Kit – Trick your friends!

Azsuna’s Pets:

  • Court clerk
  • Emmigosa
  • Young Watcher Owl

In working through a zone, you gain quite a bit of Reputation with the faction for that zone. For example, Azsuna gives you a Reputation for the Farondist Court. If you are just starting out in this zone, you can complete the zone with a respectable reputation only through quests. You will also complete achievements for this zone which are required later when flying becomes available.

Treasure hunt
When you are honored with the faction created for the zone, you can unlock Treasure Map: Azsuna from the quartermaster. This map will help you find treasure boxes located in zones that you might miss as you level up. Finding treasure is required for Azsuna’s Treasure.

Most of the treasures in Azsuna rewarded Artifact Power items, Order Resources, Champion follower equipment, and some vendor junk. This is different from Warlords treasures where each treasure has a unique reward.

The zone highlight for Azsuna was learning about the Magic Academy which many aspiring mages had to go through. You also help in the friendly and familiar flight of the dragons and learn why they are here at Azsuna. The Eye of Azshara Dungeon as well as the Vault of the Wardens are in Azshara. The world boss who lives here is Levantus.


We sat down with Senior Game Designer Eric Maloof to get an insight into the zone and learn more about what you’ll find there.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Q. How would you describe the zone’s ambience? What’s it like?

Eric Maloof: Azsuna is a broken land. It had been cursed for over 10,000 years, before Sundering. This was also the land under attack, and probably had the greatest concentration of devils on Broken Island apart from Broken Shore. The Burning Legion decided to use Azsuna as the main battlefield, taking over the sub-island of Faranaar and also launching a fairly heavy attack on the Isle of the Watchers. From Suramar’s side, they basically attacked and created Felblaze Ingress.
I like to call Azsuna a magical research garden for elves. The Academy was a center for magical knowledge before Queen Azshara destroyed Golganneth’s Tidestone, causing a curse. Basically, it killed all the elves and led them to immortal life – instead of turning into a blob and returning to the Great Tree, they were trapped here as ghosts.
Azurewing Repose is a beautiful quest center, where players see a different side of Blue Dragonflight than they have seen so far. What we see here is actually the final resting place for the oldest living blue dragon, and he is only hanging by a thread due to the magic implanted on the island. The magical pool in which he rests keeps him alive now—and that, in turn, draws night and the others away from Suramar.
Azsuna is punchy and has a lot going on. This is probably the only zone that isn’t always dominated by a certain power because realistically no one actually comes here. Don’t imagine the elves from Suramar coming here, cursed. Why did you come here? Really the only reason is that Azshara was like, “Yeah, I’m after the Pillars of Creation now,” and the devil has attacked we have to stop these people from doing this. We usually wouldn’t come here. You don’t wanna go here. It’s like a horror story waiting to happen – but you really don’t have a choice.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Q. Which locations in Azsuna would you say are some of your favorites, and why?

Eric Maloof: Well, of course, Faranaar, just because what happened in that place was a Night Elf and then got hit with the full power of the Burning Legion. In Lower Faranaar, where you do level-up quests, you still have the remains of the elven ruins. But Faranaar is more than nearly 100 percent just satanic. This is what they do. This is what happened. This is how the whole world ends up. The closest analog is the demon world of Mardum. So this sets the stakes for what we’re really dealing with here. I think we see a little of that in the current invasion too, but we don’t see a complete takeover. You see the buildings enter, and you can predict what will happen.

Another of my favorite places in the town at the Academy, the ruins of Nar’thalas. The team does a great job of really getting a “long, long, long ago” vibe here is a pivotal point of the elven civilization and is crushed by Azshara’s wrath. I think evolution – or de-evolution, when you compare it to some places in Suramar, for example – is very interesting. The art kit is similar but it is old and unsaturated and cracked. I think it’s the iconic anchor point of the zone.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Q. Why do you think a player would want to start in this zone first?

I honestly think the four level-up zones are really interesting. Of course, if they wanted to know more about the proximity of the Burning Legion, they would get it from Azsuna.

Q. What is it that will bring players back to this zone?

I would say that when we planned Azsuna, we left a lot of room for top-level content, but with the scaling technology, we had lots of opportunities for other content that could satisfy everyone.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

We’ve set aside Timeworn Strand for PvP battles, so there’s been a dragon invasion on the west coast encroaching on the elven ruins that have slid into the sea. Who knows, it might be Sundering, it might just be Smashing.

We had Isle of the Watchers, all of which were top level. There, the Wardens faction has you deal with monsters that have come out of the dungeon of the Vault of the Wardens and set up camp in various places. On top of that, the Burning Legion had taken one of the towers and fought the Wardens for another with their felsworn – basically, demon hunters and others who had sworn allegiance to the Burning Legion.

Then we have two dungeons, The Vault of the Wardens and the Eye of Azshara, which are magically connected to Azsuna. This is effectively a dungeon staging area for Azshara’s troops as they magically move to the center of the zone or swim through the ocean, as we showed you when you entered the zone for the first time.
So yeah, we have plenty of reasons to come back – plus we have professional content scattered across zones too.

Azsuna Overview and Leveling Path

Q. Is there anything else that players should look forward to here?

There are so many little anecdotal things that might be to spoilers. One of the most interesting storylines focuses on Prince Farondis and his redemption. This is the man who, in trying to do the right thing, cursed his people for all eternity. He tried to use one of the Pillars of Creation to stop Queen Azshara and the events at Sundering with the Well of Immortality when that happened. But while trying to use an artifact with such immense titan power, Azshara knocked him out, and everyone blamed him. To see him just spit on by his own people – and then work with the cast to help restore the Pillars of Creation – is truly a story of redemption. It’s really cool to look at.

Another good story is that in the north, there is a sudden night that really tries to fight its conditions. You’re somewhat supportive of it and you’re not sure how it will turn out.

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