5 Best Android Video Editing Applications 2020

Android or iOS smartphone, including the video editing process that used to be only done through Computer devices by people who have special expertise in the field. Where the editing process is needed to remove the parts that are less good from the results of recording or to combine several videos and provide effects to make it look more attractive to display.

Now you can do it easily through an Android video editing application that you can download on the Play Store. And without the need for courses because there are already a lot of tutorials that you can follow on YouTube for each application that Techriki recommends below.

5 Best Video Editing Applications for Android 2020

The following list of video editing applications is perfect for you who like to upload short videos or vlogs on social media. Also very suitable for beginners who want to start YouTube with only the capital of the ANDROID PHONE.

1. KineMaster

5 Best Android Video Editing Applications 2020

The first is KineMaster, if you are looking for the most complete video editor for Android then this application is the answer because there are a myriad of features in it such as supporting layered videos or layers so you can process multiple footages at once. And the complete audio feature will make your video even better, and last but not least is the high-quality video export feature that you can customize yourself. And many other interesting features that you can get if you download the paid version. But for learning, the free version is good enough.

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2. Power Director

5 Best Android Video Editing Applications 2020

If you think KineMaster is difficult for you to understand, you can choose this one application. Made by the well-known multimedia software company Cyberlink Corp. The features contained in the Power Director are also good enough to be able to produce interesting videos to be shared on social media, such as the addition of stickers, effects, and transitions that are available in many applications.

3. YouCut

5 Best Android Video Editing Applications 2020

Now if this one is very suitable for Instagram users who want to edit videos quickly and great results to post directly. YouCut is one of the applications from InShot Inc. that has made a lot of multimedia applications for Android. In this YouCut application, you will get general editing features such as cutting, merging, adding music, and more. Also exporting videos without watermarks makes Mimin put them in the recommendation list.

4. FilmoraGo

5 Best Android Video Editing Applications 2020

Not only computers or laptops, it turns out that Wondershare also makes Filmora video editing applications for Android you know. Seeing the number of Android users, an Android version with the name FilmoraGo is presented which you can download for free on the Play Store. The features in FilmoraGo are also no less interesting than the three applications above, especially Filmora’s distinctive feature which is giving cool templates that you can choose as you wish in the application. In addition, there is a feature that you will not find in other video editing applications, namely features for importing media from Facebook and Instagram.

5. VivaVideo

5 Best Android Video Editing Applications 2020

The last video editing application that Mimin recommends is VivaVideo which you might have tried before. The features contained in this application are now increasing in number, especially the effects that are now getting better. But also still maintain the ease and speed of the editing process so that users do not lose the moment of uploading to social media.

Now that’s the 5 best Android Video editing applications 2020 version Androidalexa. Next Mimin will provide tutorials for each of these applications, so please bookmark the Androidalexa website so you don’t miss out.

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