How To Block All ADS on Android without ROOT

How To Block All ADS on Android without ROOT

November 30, 2019


Description How To Block All ADS on Android without ROOT

Need a guide on how to get rid of ads that suddenly appear on the android brand Samsung phones, xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, and other brands? Listen here.

Ads that often appear suddenly on an android phone, of course, very disturbing our comfort when surfing in cyberspace. Plus there are several types of advertisements that carry malware or destructive viruses, this will certainly have a negative impact on our smartphone devices.

Therefore, this time we shared a tutorial on how to disable advertisements in the application or the smartphone browser.

How to Block Ads on the Android Browser

How to get rid of ads that suddenly appear and are very disturbing when browsing on the internet, here we give tips to eliminate them.

1. Google Chrome Browser Settings

Block Ads on Chrome
Block Ads on Chrome

Google Chrome application is known to have high surfing speed and has complete features. Some people certainly do not think that chrome has a setting to eliminate ads.

How to set google chrome to turn off annoying ads

  • Please enter the ” Settings (Icon Gear)> Site settings > Pop-Up ” menu .
  • Then ” Deactivate “, simply slide the left round button.
  • Then go to the ” Settings > Site Settings > JavaScript “menu.
  • Please ” Deactivate “, move the left round button.

Note! Turning off javascript will affect some website functions that use javascript features. To overcome problems such as reduced javascript functions on your favorite websites, please do website exceptions by clicking the ” ADD SITE EXCEPTION “menu.

2. Use UC Browser

Block Pop Up Ads
Block Pop Up Ads

UC browser is one type of browser that is famous for having high surfing speeds. This browser is supported with the ability to block advertisements on websites that we visit.

How to set UC Browser to turn off advertisements while surfing

  • Go to the ” Settings (Icon Gear) > Add-ons > AdBlock ” menu .
  • Then activate ” Ad Blocker ” and ” Powerful Ad Blocker “.
  • Automatically annoying ads will no longer appear.


3. Use AdBlock Browser

Block Ad Browser
Block Ad Browser

Adblock browser application is designed to eliminate all types of advertisements that appear on the website. How to use this application is also very easy, you just install and all annoying ads will disappear.

How to browse ad-free with the browser AdBlock application.

  • Please download the ” AdBlock Browser ” application on Playstore.
  • Then open the AdBlock Browser on your cellphone.
  • Try typing the keyword ” Android maniac ” on Google or Bing.
  • Visit ”” and see the difference.

How to Block Ads on Android Games and Applications

Some ad blocking applications available on PlayStore not only function to remove ads on the browser, Android application ads such as games, VPN and other advertising applications can also be removed.

1. Adblock Plus (ABP)

Block Ads With ABP
Block Ads With ABP

The ABP or Adblock plus application not only removes ads on the application but can also block all types of advertisements on browsers, games and other applications.

Here’s how to deactivate ads on Android phones using Adblock Plus apk.

  • Enter the ” Settings > Applications (Security on version 4.0) ” menu of the smartphone.
  • Look for ” Unknown Sources “, if there isn’t a ” Checkbox ” tap.
  • When the confirmation notification appears, please tap ” OK “.
  • Then download the application ” Adblock Plus (ABP) ” in Playstore.
  • Then do some settings as follows.
  • For androids that have been rooted, the application will ask for ” Super User Permissions “.
  • For androids that have not been rooted, it must first ” Proxy Settings “.
  • Open the ” Settings > Wi-Fi > Press the wifi name for a long time “.
  • Choose ” Modify Network > Show Advanced Options > Proxy Settings “.
  • Change ” Proxy ” to ” Localhost ” and enter the proxy port given by ABP.

2. Noroot Firewall

No Root Firewall Ad Block Application
No Root Firewall Ad Block Application

Noroot firewall application not only blocks the ads that are applied but also the ads that appear on the browser. Lack of this application can not turn off ads on online games

How to set the noroot firewall application is very easy, just follow these steps.

  • Please download the ” Noroot Firewall ” application in Playstore first.
  • Open the Noroot Firewall application on your smartphone.
  • On the screen, the Application List ” that you have will appear.
  • Then ” Select Application ” that you want to block or remove the ad.
  • Please ” Check ” the application, a red cross indicates the application has been blocked.
  • Congratulations your cellphone is free from advertising.

3. AdGuard

AdGuard Ad Block Application
AdGuard Ad Block Application

If you want to browse comfortably without annoying advertisements and your smartphone is always protected from malicious attacks. We suggest you try the adguard application in Playstore.

How to get rid of ads on Android without root with the Adguard application

  • First download the ” AdGuard ” application on Playstore.
  • Install it then run on your android phone.
  • Then tap ” Image Icon Power ” in the form of a circle in the middle of the top, then ” Ok “.
  • When the connection request dialog appears, please press ” Ok ” again.
  • And the adguard application setting process is complete.

4. AdAway (Rooted Only)

AdAway Ad Block Application
AdAway Ad Block Application

If your Android phone has been rooted, you should use the Adaway application. For how to use it, please follow the guidelines below here.

How to block ads on Android phones that have been rooted with the Adaway app

  • Make sure the android phone is rooted ( Android ROOT ).
  • First download the ” AdAway ” application.
  • Then install and run the Adaway application.
  • The options ” Download Files and Apply Ad Blocking ” and ” Disable Ad Blocking “appear.
  • Select ” Download Files and Apply Ad Blocking ” to activate this application.
  • Wait until ” Applying Successful ” appears then click ” Yes “.
  • Then the smartphone will automatically restart.
  • Wait a few moments, and the ad will automatically not reappear.

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