12 Complete & Free Anime Sites, Make You Feel More At Home!

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12 Complete & Free Anime Sites, Make You Feel More At Home!

The best anime sites are an interesting way to enjoy time at home to relax.

The reason is, anime films always have a very interesting storyline, so each series is worth waiting for.

Not only watching with a brake system, you can also find out the most complete anime with fast release times.

So, what are the best anime sites that you can watch to enjoy your weekend? Check out the discussion together!

The most complete anime site recommendation with Indonesian  subtitles

During the pandemic, everyone is increasing the quality of their time with family at home. 

In addition to watching television and Netflix shows, streaming anime is no less interesting to watch. 

If you feel comfortable looking for the  best anime sites at home, then it never hurts to find out the following complete anime sites. 

1. Samehadaku

Best anime streaming

Among all anime sites in Indonesia, Samehadaku is the recommended free anime website  in Indonesia today. 

The interface of this site is also clean and tidy, so it doesn’t make it difficult for people who will watch it here.

This site also provides a selection of anime series, manga, even anime songs that are often listened to by Indonesians. 

2. Wardhanime

Best anime streaming_2

The second is Wardhanime or AWSubs which is quite famous because the collection of anime and subtitles is quite complete.

This best anime site is also very up to date in terms of anime collections, so it is quite popular to get the latest entertainment. 

However, this site has a drawback, namely the large number of banner ads in several important sections.

3. Oploverz

Best anime streaming

If you are a One Piece lover, Oploverz is the perfect anime streaming site to fulfill your desire for action from Luffy and his friends.

In addition to One Piece, this site also has a fairly complete collection for an anime. 

Not only streaming , you can also download anime here by clicking on the ads in this place.

4. Animeindo 

Best anime streaming

After Oploverz, an interesting site to watch is Animeindo.

This site has been classified as an anime fan club with Indonesian subtitles .

Not only general cartoon anime, but also many romance anime that you can watch here.

5. Nekonime 

Best anime streaming

The fifth is Nekonime, this anime streaming site is also an interesting choice.

Not only anime series, Nekonime is also equipped with very complete site facilities.

Starting from reviews to synopsis that can help you while watching.

This site is also equipped with a choice of display resolutions, ranging from 360p, even 480p in HD format. 

6. Animenonton

Best anime streaming

Watch anime sites provide live streaming and are easy to access anytime.

Besides being easy, the interface on this site is also quite neat, so streaming the best anime at home is even more fun.

You can also choose to stream anime that has just appeared and it’s easy to find special anime. 

7. Nimegami 

Best anime streaming

The last one is Nimegami, this best anime streaming site  has quite complete features for watching anime.

Not only is the collection complete, you can also determine the series and details of the shows that you have watched on this site.

That way, you can watch anime according to an even flow, without having to miss a single episode.

8. anoBoy 

Best anime streaming

This best anime site has the best inspiration with the latest anime and live action updates that you shouldn’t miss.

You just have to choose the title you want to watch streaming, then you don’t have to worry about a pop-up button that suddenly appears.

9.  Crunchyroll 

Best anime streaming

To note, Crunchyroll is the best choice of anime websites that you can choose.

Not only accessed via mobile or device streaming , you can also use this best anime site on several platforms , including PS and XBox.

However, unlike other sites, Crunchyroll can be accessed for a fee.

10.  Genflix 

Best anime streaming

This best anime web service provides a choice of Indonesian subtitles through the sushiroll column. 

However, streaming on this site is not completely free, but it is also available in a paid version so you need to know this. 

11. Jouganime 

Best anime streaming

If you often have difficulty watching anime web streams because of a lot of advertisements, Jouganime can be an interesting reference.

The reason is, this anime streaming website has a clean and simple display screen, so it gets popular anime features .

12. Otakudesu 

Best anime streaming

Not just watching streaming quickly, the picture quality factor is often an important consideration.

Therefore, you can visit the Otakudesu website to produce a viewing experience with HD resolution.

Another advantage is also in the fast anime upload updates, so you can watch factually. 

It can be concluded that the most complete anime site above can be an easy and inexpensive entertainment solution while carrying out activities at home. 

Make sure if the anime you watch can be seen by all ages, considering there are types of anime for adults. 

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