Today’s Byrdle Answer—Updated Daily! (May 2022)

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Today’s Byrdle Answer—Updated Daily! (May 2022)

Byrdle is a fun, daily word game based on the immensely popular game Wordle. But, unlike the non-themed Wordle, it challenges players to decipher a word associated with choral music. Using previous guesses as to your clues, you must guess the five-letter word within six guesses by letters from previous guesses.

The answers listed below are for the original daily Byrdle puzzle. We update this article every day with the current day’s solution, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back whenever you’re stuck!

Spoiler Warning: Today’s Byrdle answer is listed below. If you do not want to see today’s answer, do not click the link to reveal it.

All Daily Byrdle Answers

Previous Byrdle Answers

Below is the list of all the most recent Byrdle answers, sorted in reverse chronological order.

  • May 3, 2022: HANDEL

How to Play

For those who are confused about how to play, here is a basic rundown of the instructions:

  1. Guess a word by entering it on your keypad, then hitting Enter.
  2. The game will show you which letters you guessed are green and which ones are yellow. Yellow means you matched one letter in the Byrdle, but it’s in the wrong place. Green means you matched the letter and placement of one letter in the Byrdle. Letters that keep the black background are not in the daily Byrdle.
  3. Make your next guess a word that matches the correct letters of your previous word.
  4. If you get all the correct letters, you will eventually get all the correct letters and placements, and you’ll have solved the Daily Byrdle!

That’s all you need to know about the Daily Byrdle puzzle!

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