Valorant Error Code VAL 5 ? Here’s the Cause & How to Overcome it

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Valorant Error Code VAL 5 ? Here’s the Cause & How to Overcome it

Valorant may provide fun entertainment, great graphics, user-friendly interface, but bugs and errors are still common. Valorant players’ fun just disappeared after they got the error message code VAL 5.

Anything can happen and maybe it makes you unable to play Valorant because of an error that appears suddenly. The error code that appears in Valorant is a common error that players are very likely to experience.

Actually, with the error code, the problem is quickly solved, because each error code that is displayed has its own meaning. Then, what about the case of the Valorant error code VAL 5? What really happened to Valorant?

Well, for those of you who are confused about the VAL 5 error code when accessing the Valorant game, then don’t worry. Where through this article we will provide an explanation regarding the causes and ways to overcome the Valorant error code VAL 5.

Causes of Valorant Error Code VAL 5

Causes of Valorant Error Code VAL 5

There are still a few bugs and glitches with Valorant, which are usually handled pretty quickly by the development team. If you experience this problem, an error message will usually appear “The game has lost connection. Please relaunch the client to restore connectivity. Error Code: VAL 5.” that appears on your device screen.

Sometimes the Valorant server can go down, which will issue an error like code VAL 5. The Valorant 5 error code almost always appears when there is a problem with the server be it due to the number of players trying to log in, or scheduled maintenance.

If you’re in a match or lobby when maintenance starts, you’ll usually see the error code VAL 5. It can also appear randomly with some players getting it while others don’t.

How to Overcome Valorant Error Code VAL 5

How to Overcome Valorant Error Code VAL 5

Fortunately, the Valorant error code VAL 5 can still be solved easily. So you don’t have to worry if you experience this error. There are several workarounds that can be tried to solve this problem, and we have listed them below.

1. Check If Valorant Server Is Down

Server down is the main reason why the Valorant error code VAL 5 appears. If you are receiving this error, it is best to see if the server is down. If yes, that’s why you received the error code VAL 5. There is nothing you can do other than wait until the server is active again so that VAL 5 disappears.

2.Reinstall Riot Vanguard

Besides being able to cause Valorant error code VAL 43, an imperfect installation of Riot Vanguard can also cause VAL 5 code to appear. This is because you cannot connect to the Riot Vanguard server, so connection problems arise.

If this is the case then you can try reinstalling Riot Vanguard as it is a solid troubleshooting method for most of the errors and issues you will encounter with popular FPS titles. Here’s how.

  1. First, please restart your PC and Riot Client first
  2. Next, please go to  Local Disk C:/Drive.
  3. Then, select the  Program Files folder.
  4. After that, select  Riot Vanguard .
  5. Then, right-click the Riot Vanguard folder and select  Delete.
  6. Now right-click the Valorant application and select  Run As Administrator.
  7. Then, wait until the Riot Vanguard download process and login Valorant as usual.
  8. After that, restart your PC and see if you still find VAL 5 when you open Valorant.

3. Reinstall Valorant

Well, if after trying the problems above, you haven’t succeeded in solving this problem, then the last way you can try is to reinstall the Valorant game. This is the last resort that definitely fixes the problem that occurs.

Nobody wants to reinstall an entire game, especially one with slow internet speeds because of how long it takes to download Valorant again. However, corrupted files can cause this VAL 5 issue, so it’s best to download Valorant game again if the error persists.


Well, that’s complete information from regarding the VAL 5 error code that appears in the Valorant game with information about the cause and how to solve it. Did our article above help you all?

Of course, yes, by reading the article above, you will know the factors that cause the VAL 5 code to appear and how to solve it quickly. Maybe that’s all, I hope you solve the VAL 5 error successfully.

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