City Fighter Vs Street Gang Apk

City Fighter Vs Street Gang Apk

City Fighter vs Street Gang APK is a game with fun 3D fighting gameplay. You play as a street hero who in turn defeats the thugs and protects the peace of the city.City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk: Bec

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Name City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk
Publisher Game Theory Games
Genre Games
Size 85 MB
Version 2.1.7
Update Jul 12, 2022
City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk is the most famous version in the City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk series of publisher Game Theory Games
Mod Version 2.1.7
Total installs 150000

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City Fighter vs Street Gang APK is a game with fun 3D fighting gameplay. You play as a street hero who in turn defeats the thugs and protects the peace of the city.

City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk: Become a cool street hero

Intuitive and flexible game mode with very nice character creation.

It must be said that the gameplay of City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk is super simple and intuitive. The emulator button will appear on the screen, so just click on it as you like. The lower left corner is a circular button for you to move left, right, up and down; bottom right corner there are 4 character action buttons: Kick, Punch, Grab and Jump. And with these buttons, you can freely combine according to the situation: jump and kick, grab and punch, or even perform movements with a constant frequency like continuous kicks/punches.

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In the game, you are a street hero. And of course there are many types of heroes, you want to choose which style is up to you. Each character has their own strengths, some are good at Karate, Muay Thai, some are good at kicking, some have super strong hands that can crush any goon in their path. No matter who they are, they all have great and sophisticated abilities that will keep you from taking your eyes off the screen because you’re too busy looking at them.

The street thugs here vary too, mind you guys. It’s not just men who wear bad clothes and do clowning to intimidate civilians, but sometimes they are quite rare criminals like gangs, ninjas, balaclavas…

In-game upgrade mechanism

Oh, I forgot to tell everyone that the accumulation of points in this game is so much fun, it’s orange. It comes from the opening episode of the story: the street hero was drinking oranges when he discovered that the thief had sneaked in and stolen all the oranges in town. So, he decided to go find justice.

In the game, you will play as one of two predetermined characters. Either Chunlai is beautiful or Arya is handsome. Of course, in the first scene, the level is too easy, our two characters also have quite low fighting skill. Every time you defeat a thug, you will get points (increase the number of oranges). When you have enough numbers, you can unlock more new characters. This hero will be stronger than the first two, but they each have different stats: one has high attack but low defense. When you switch to a new character, you can continuously fight and collect oranges to increase your character’s weakness coefficient.

City Fighter Vs Street Gang MOD By APKMODY 1080x607

Another interesting thing is that in each scene, you will sometimes come across aggressive guys who are even carrying guns. By defeating them, you can pick up weapons to use. Remember to collect the orange squares along the way, they are the key to upgrade.


Game modes

We will have two game modes in City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk. Hero mode fights alone against AI. It will cover 4 minor difficulty levels: Easy/ Normal/ Hard and Crazy. The campaign mode will have changes for each story context. And you have to fight gangsters from the whole group, not little thugs like in Hero mode.

Each screen, in any mode, lasts a fairly short time (so the game doesn’t get boring). And your only task is to kill all the enemies and if you don’t die in the middle you will get 3 stars.

graphics and sound

Playing City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk, your first feeling is quite relaxed and fun, you won’t have the pressure and need to be too engrossed like in ordinary fighting games. One of the main reasons is the gameplay and the settings of everything in the game, as I mentioned earlier. Another significant contribution is the fun and lively 3D graphics of the game.

The main characters are simple but likeable, of all professions, physiques and skin colors (the hero can be anyone, from a farmer to a Hip-hop artist…). The team of thugs is epic and equally busy in all colors, types and abilities that challenge you. The street scenery is clearly depicted, the cartoon style is minimalist and full of energy, which makes the fun even more interesting.

City Fighter Vs Street Gang MOD APK Download 1080x607

Mixed in the entertaining atmosphere are the lively melodies of the rich background music, the sound effects when attacking, the screams when preparing to launch the moves are great. The sound section has provided realism and weight to the attacks of the heroes.

MOD version of City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk 

MOD features

Unlimited money


Download City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK for Android

In short: City Fighter vs Street Gang Apk has many cool characters, the fighting skill of each “hero” is also different, you can enjoy the battle scenes. Enemies are also many and plentiful. The 3D graphics are solid, basic but clear. The movements are smooth and the sound is stimulating. What are you guys waiting for without playing it right away?

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