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Rahul Chauhan, Monday, June 21, 2021

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This is the Deodex Tools Classy Kitchen for Deodex ROM OS Android 9 and 10, this tool is useful for those of you who are confused about deodexing OS Pie and Q.

For Deodex Android Pie 9 this is still often complained about by some Android oprek fans. Maybe some of them still haven’t found the right way, as well as what tools to use.

Before stepping on how to deodex Android 9 and 10, I will review a little about odex and deodex.

Between odex and odexed and deodex and deodexed are the same, but only different tenses. But between odex and deodex it’s different.

Dex is a file that has been compiled into an application that is used on the Dalvic virtual machine, just like the exe file on Windows.

Odex is a dex file that has been optimized to then run on certain firmware only.

While deodex is a process of returning the odex file to dex which is marked by the appearance of the class dex file.

The purpose of doing a deodex is to make it easier to edit or modify the Android firmware itself.

Maybe that’s a bit of a brief explanation, now we go to the main topic.



Download Deodex Tools Classy Kitchen

Download Classy Kitchen: DOWNLOAD

– Latest Free Version:…_1.0.4.7z/file
– Latest Pro Version:…_1.0.4.7z /file

To deodex, we need a tool in the process. However, the procedure for its use is slightly different from one tool to another. Even the Android OS version also affects the success rate.

The tools that are commonly used for the deodex process are Batch ApkTool. But Batch ApkTool is only able to run Android deodex up to OS Oreo (8.1) only. When I deodex Android Pie with the help of this Batch ApkTool, I experience failure.

How to Deodex Android Pie Using Classy Kitchen

How to deodex Android Pie using a classy kitchen is divided into two steps, namely the firmware extract process (compile) and the firmware dedodex process. The following is an explanation and steps.

1. Firmware Extract Process (Compile)

Extract the classy kitchen file that you downloaded earlier and run the classy kitchen with run administrator.

In the ” project utils ” column, click ” create new project ” then a pop-up firmware source will appear and click from PC then navigate to the firmware file. Create a project name as you wish (free) in the pop-up project name.

Then classy kitchen will automatically run to extract the firmware that we chose earlier. In the process of extracting the firmware it is a bit long, so just wait until there is a ” flash name ” notification and rename the flash name again.

If the firmware extract process is successful, you will see all information related to the extracted firmware in the classy kitchen log column.

Note: If using Samsung firmware, then select the zip file. If the firmware has been extracted, then select the AP file only. If using the Xiaomi recovery firmware then directly select the zip file. If fastboot firmware can select the zip file or if it has been extracted select all files in the image folder.

2. Deodex Firmware Process

After the first process (firmware extract/compile) is complete, then we will proceed to the next process, namely deodex the firmware.

Now we move the classy kitchen menu, we enter the ” Rom Utils ” menu. Select the deodex from submenu, there will be a warning notification to deodex. If you want to continue then select yes, otherwise if in doubt select no.

Again, classy kitchen will run automatically to deodex the firmware. For the estimated time, it depends on the specs of the PC or laptop you are using. Now we just have to wait for the process to finish which is marked with the words completed.

So far, we have managed to deodex Android Pie. Turns out its easy right?

Classy Kitchen Editor ROM Features:

Supported Rom types to extract:

  • Any stock system [lz4] & boot [lz4] [cache | ODM] pictures
  • All Samsung Stock Firmwares (TAR [.MD5]) with support for LZ4. compression
  • All Google Stock Firmwares (ZIP)
  • All stock lineage Roms (System. New. dat [br] & vendor-payload. bin)
  • Other images dumped from other stock ROMs (Huawei-HTC….etc
  • Rooted device or custom recovery (*with technology to dump boot & system & vendor images without needing space on device*)
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Editable ROMs:

  • Pre-Remove for Samsung RMM. security
  • DeOdex for Android [4. x. x] to [9. x. x]
  • ZipAlign for all APKs & JARs
  • Heavy DeBloat ROM with re-bloat
  • Full ROM DeKnox
  • Clean ROM of all CSC apks (on Samsung ROMs)
  • Supports safe and strong builds. prop tweak
  • Support change Build Number text text
  • Support adding BusyBox to the ROM itself with all available symlinks in the image

Supported ROM builds:

  • ZIP ROM contains sparse system [vendor & ODM] data
  • ZIP ROM for flashing custom recovery
  • ZIP Images ROM for fastboot flash
  • TAR Image ROM for Samsung devices
  • Support compress Samsung images with native LZ4 format

Supported boot images edits:

  • Supports all boot image partition names other than boot. img
  • Remove DM-Verity with AVB & ForceEncryption
  • Activate ADB
  • Sepolicy patch (supports CIL) to support deodexed Oreo
  • Add/Remove Magisk root for live boot image
  • Supports patched boot image to run scripts during boot placed in /System/smart_scripts

Supported Apk Tools:

  • Single decompile APK
  • Recompile Single APK
  • Single sign APK
  • Support options for specifying [new | Original] APK signature
  • Support using custom apktool. jar selected by user
  • Support decompile-recompiling multiple APKs at the same time
  • Decompile support-recompile JAR files (multi-class file support)

Support on devices with Features:

  • Support full dump of device memory using (ADB root)-supported (EMMC & UFS) without needing space on device
  • Support dump specified partition from device using (ADB root) – (register for user and select required partition)

Until here, the tutorial and Deodex Tools Classy Kitchen Download may be useful.

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
4.7/5 - (6 votes)

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