Difference between Rows and Columns

Sunday, 6 June 2021 (8 months ago)

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The difference between rows and columns is that rows are horizontal arrangements of objects, words, numbers, data, or other things. On the other hand, a column is a vertical arrangement of objects, words, numbers, data, or other things.

rows vs columnsrows vs columns

We often come across terms like rows and columns, when we are ready to organize data in a logical and concise way. Since these two terms are used together most of the time, people often find it difficult to tell them apart. Both rows and columns have their uses but because they are used in matrices, spreadsheets, and classroom settings as well, for the purpose of dividing two categories, groups, types, and so on.

What is Row?

Rows are horizontal groups of values ​​in a table. This is an arrangement in which objects, words, numbers, data, or other things are arranged face to face by lying side by side on a horizontal line. The data or lines run from left to right, this type of arrangement is known as “Line.” It moves from left to right like the seating arrangement of schools, colleges and exam halls, seats are arranged in auditoriums and cinemas from left to right and horizontally this kind of arrangement is called rows.

The term line is widely used in various fields; nowadays it has the most prominent use on spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel. In our daily life, we also come across these terms several times. The arrangement of the data in the form of rows is to make things look more prominent and comfortable for planners and followers.

What is Column?

Columns also usually relate to datasets in a spreadsheet or table. Columns are arrangements in which objects, words, numbers or data or other things are arranged one after another in order on a vertical form. Since the columns are divided in the form of lines, it improves the readability and attractiveness of the table. In spreadsheets such as MS Excel, row headings are denoted by using letters.

In a table, the topmost section, the caption, represents the column. Newspapers are one of the best examples of columns because here articles are divided in ascending and descending order. Like rows, columns are also in determining the seating arrangement and they even have the quality of easily identifying pupils/students.

Main difference

Rows are horizontal arrangements, from right to left, while columns are vertical arrangements, from top to bottom.

Rows traverse, eg. From left to right. Instead, Columns are arranged from top to bottom.

In a spreadsheet like MS Excel, rows are represented using numbers. Instead, columns are represented using letters.

In a database, information like, gender, name, age, etc. is placed in rows while columns contain information about a person mentioned in rows.

Row totals are placed in the extreme right corner of the respective row, while column totals are shown at the bottom.

A matrix is ​​an array of numbers, letters, or symbols, where the horizontal array is the rows, while the vertical array is the column.

In the database, information such as gender, name, age, etc. is placed in rows. On the other hand, columns contain information about someone or something mentioned in rows.


Rows and Columns are both fundamental parts of any table, whether it’s a spreadsheet or a matrix based on, for storing data. In a database management system, a row (record or tuple), consists of various data fields.

On the other hand, a column consists of a single data attribute or a single attribute accumulator in the dataset. In Excel, the intersection of a row and a column is called a cell.

To avoid more confusion, always remember that rows always change from left to right, and columns go from top to bottom. Whether used in spreadsheets, databases, tables, or classrooms, the direction of rows and columns does not change and they remain the same.

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