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Monday, 11 January 2021 (1 year ago)

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Link2SD Plus is an application that helps us organize the applications installed on our android.

Most people use Link2Sd to move applications from internal to SD Card, to save more on our internal storage.

But I personally use this application to uninstall or remove bloatware (system default applications) that if it is safe to delete, for example, Google Book, Google Drive, Google Movie, and many others.

Because I don’t need this application, other than that to free up internal memory.

You may ask why not delete it from settings? Now, this is so special about Link2SD.

If you delete this bloatware app from settings alone, then you won’t be allowed.

Then you have to use a combination of a rooted android cellphone and use Link2SD.

So that’s one of the root functions. Cellphones that have been rooted can provide application capabilities to access the system, one of which is deleting system applications.

The application that I mentioned above should not be deleted, but it is actually safe to delete it.

Link2SD has 2 versions, free and plus (paid). The plus version certainly has more functions than the free one.

Download Link2sd Plus v4.3.4 New Apk

File NameSizeLink
Link2SD-Plus-Patched.v4.3.4.apk3.63 MBDownload
Link2SD-License-Patcher.apk1.64 MBDownload

Don’t worry because we are here to share with you the apk version of link2sd which is a plus and of course it’s free. With the plus version, you will get the following features.

Link2SD Plus features

  • Features of apk, dex, and lib app link files to SD card.
  • Connect data from an internal application to a Memory Card.
  • Connecting OBB Data to Memory Card.
  • Connecting DEX Files to a Memory Card.
  • Automatic Cache.
  • Automatically connects to recently installed applications.
  • Move the application to the memory card even if the application does not support moving to SD Card.
  • Displays all applications that do not and support moving data to the Memory Card.
  • You can set the default location where to install applications.
  • Notifies you when a new application is installed.
  • Able to remove built-in apps or bloatware.
  • Able to freeze applications (as if the application was not installed even though it was installed but was temporarily frozen).
  • Application to system converter or vice versa.
  • Able to connect applications to be safe when ROM updates.
  • Capable of Clear data and application cache easily.
  • Able to clear cache on certain applications.
  • Able to clear all application cache with one touch.
  • Able to clear cache for certain widgets.
  • Able to accurately show application cache size.
  • Many options reboot, soft restart, hard restart, recovery, and more.
  • Able to reboot certain widgets.
  • Displays applications with complete data details.
  • The application display sort feature based on the data you want.
  • Application search.
  • Displays applications by storage.
  • Share installed APKs with friends.
  • Able to create an application shortcut.
  • Supports more than 40 languages.

How to Move Applications to SD Card Using Link2SD

This is the advantage of link2sd which many users are looking for. With link2sd we can move applications that could not be moved using the built-in features of the cellphone.

Because right now the application size is big, bro. So it will fill internal memory, and consequently can make it slow if the internal is full, believe me.

To be able to move applications to the SD Card, your SD Card must first be partitioned into 2 parts. One for regular file storage, and one for data storage applications with ext2 format. The following is in full:

Stage 1 SD Card Partition

For the first stage, we have to partition the SD Card so that later it has 2 types of partitions. This step is actually really easy. But for those who have never been sure, it looks complicated.

Therefore, I recommend that you read the article from Wikihow How to Partition an SD Card, the discussion is with pictures and is very complete, very detailed. So it’s easy for you to follow.

Stage 2 Linking the Partition to Link2SD

Also, make sure your Android is rooted. This is one of the ways to use root, so link2sd can move maximally. [/ Su_note]

  1. I assume you have downloaded and installed link2sd from the link above.
  2. Now Open the link2sd application. Then you will see a screen to select the partition to mount. Select ext2 then click OK. After that, click Reboot Device and your phone will restart automatically.
  3. If it’s back to life. So to start saving your internal memory, select an application that if you want to connect the data to the SD Card so that the internal is more spacious.
  4. The trick is to follow this drawn guide:

Download Link2sd Plus New Apk for free

5. Select Link To SD Card. Then tick, and ok as shown below.

Download Link2sd Plus New Apk for free

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Link2Sd Plus Patcher

Besides being equipped with the master file link2sd plus it. In the download above, we also provide a patcher file which is useful for continuing the process of making your link2sd a plus version.

Link2SD will use external memory to be used as storage for some data.

First root your cellphone for the maximum capabilities of this link2SD. Because you will get feature limitations if you don’t root it first.

Download Download Link2sd Plus New Apk for free

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
5/5 - (1 vote)

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