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T3 Arena offers a brand-new take on the competitive shooting genre with its multiplayer mode. You can participate in fast-paced online combat in 3v3 leagues in the arena whenever and whenever you like. In this fast-paced, free-to-play shooter game, you will have the opportunity to meet a large cast of powerful heroes, each of which possesses their own set of special skills. You will also participate in a variety of different battle types, each of which features a fun auto-firing system.

T3 Arena MOD


Team? Solo? Your Choice.

  • Fight against other players with your pals or go it alone. Join forces with other players, meet new friends through the use of Clubs, and devise techniques for combat that are optimized for the many game modes and maps available in the T3 Arena.

Cool Heroes. Choose Your Own Playing Style.

  • Unlock, gather, and fight alongside heroes, each of whom has their own set of special powers. Put your own spin on the fight by playing as a tank at close range or a sniper at long range!

Dozens of Game Modes.

  • Participate in a number of different multiplayer game modes in T3 Arena. You are urged to test out and get some experience with competitive shooting battles in teams, which are one of the new game modes that have been made available in The Lab.

Console-Quality. Not Kidding.

  • visuals and motions that are of the highest possible quality. The utmost hero shooter experience is now at your fingertips with T3 Arena, which delivers it to your palm. No doubt.

T3 Arena MOD


Everyone can quickly learn how to play the free-to-play game T3 Arena because it is so simple to do so. This first-person shooter, like most other competitive games, requires a little bit more effort to fully master.

T3 Arena is the new hero shooter game you have been yearning for, whether you have experience brawling in other MODA games or are a lover of mobile first-person shooter games. Come develop your skills alongside us at T3 Arena. Join us and be a part of something truly monumental!


Team Elimination Match (3v3)

Face off against another group in head-to-head competition. The winner is the first team to eliminate 20 opponents.

Crystal Assault (3v3)

Should you assault or defend? The process of figuring out a team plan may not be simple, but it sure is enjoyable! The task of preventing your crystal from breaking into pieces is a difficult one.

T3 Arena MOD

Control (3v3)

An accurate evaluation of your team’s cooperative strategy! To win the game, you must first seize possession of a location on the map and then continue to occupy it until it is entirely under your control.

Race for the Payload (3v3)

In this game, both teams are responsible for escorting their own payload, which makes for a tense sprint to the finish line!

Free-For-All (Solo)

Enters the mayhem of the battlefield headfirst and emerges victorious! In a struggle for glory, six different heroes go head to head against one another. The winner is the first hero to reach a total of 12 eliminations.

Payload Escort (3v3)

Both groups are concentrating on the same payload. If the attackers are able to successfully protect the payload until it reaches its destination in time, they win the game; but, if the defenders are able to stop them in time, they are the ones who come out on top.

Clash (3v3)

A game mode with a best-of-five format. The T3 Arena mode known as Clash features the highest level of competition seen thus far. You will not be resurrected if you die while competing in the Clash mode. When it comes to choose your hero to lead you into combat, exercise extreme caution!

T3 Arena MOD

Game Features:

  • 3 on 3 contests played at a rapid speed. You’ll never have to worry about the wait time again with online dating!
  • thrilling first-person shooter experience packed with action. To ensure victory, you must keep moving across the arena.
  • Outstanding heroes. A diverse roster of heroes, each with their own set of skills in the T3 Arena.
  • Easy to play. Launch the game in a flash, and work together with your pals to emerge victorious from the conflicts.
  • Voice-to-voice chat Maintain constant communication with your other team member so that you can make adjustments to your strategy at any time.

T3 ARENA is the most exciting and aesthetically pleasing multiplayer hero shooter experience available for mobile devices. Get involved in the action right now and develop alongside the T3 Arena community. Participate in something that is local, yet global!

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