Download Dragon City hack MOD APK v11.5.3 (Unlimited Gems/ Gold)

Download Dragon City hack MOD APK v11.5.3 (Unlimited Gems/ Gold)

November 11, 2021

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August 13, 2021
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Description Download Dragon City hack MOD APK v11.5.3 (Unlimited Gems/ Gold)

Dragon City hack MOD APK is an Android and iOS simulation game launched by Social point. The game, which was originally released on Facebook, focuses on life around dragons.

At the beginning of the Dragon City game, you will be given a baby dragon that you have to take care of until it grows up.

Furthermore, your dragon can fight against the dragons of other players. You can also breed between dragons so that the dragon city you build continues to grow.

To feed and breed dragons, you need food and gold. Also, to buy new dragons, you need gems.

These three items are quite difficult to get, gang, so you have to play this game often so you can collect them in large quantities.

Well, by downloading Dragon City hack MOD APK 2021, you can get all three easily, even in unlimited quantities.

You could say, this game has a collection concept similar to Pokemon, Digimon, and many others. In Dragon City, you create your own city full of dragons.

What is Dragon City?

Download Dragon City hack MOD APK v11.5.3 (Unlimited Gems/ Gold)
Dragon City is an excellent simulator game that can take you into the world of dragons, magic,You have to take care of, feed, and raise the dragon from egg to adult. Later, these dragons will become troops that help you fight the enemy.

Gameplay in Dragon City carries an analogous concept with modern strategies that rely on the MMORPG genre. Your task is to gradually upgrade the city, increase its level and create more dragons.

Well, you need the resources to do that. You can earn by completing tasks, fighting other players, or receiving daily rewards.

Download Dragon City hack MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems

and fire. You can build your own city full of various species of dragons.

Dragon City F05da

difference between Original Dragon City and MOD APK

What is the difference between the original version of Dragon City and the modified version? Here, Jaka will summarize the main differences between the two versions of Dragon City.

Original Dragon CityDragon City hack MOD APK
Limited resourcesUnlimited resources
Limited choice of dragonsThe choice of dragons is much more
Limited battle arenaMore battle arenas available

How to Install Dragon City Hack MOD APK

To install the Dragon City Hack MOD APK game, it’s not difficult, gang. You just follow the steps below.

  1. Delete the previous version of Dragon City game if any.

  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable Unknown Sources.

  3. Download the APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.

  4. Click the Dragon City APK file and install it on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).

  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

In this latest version of Dragon City Hack MOD APK, you will be able to enjoy various interesting features. Considering this is a modified version, the bigger advantage is obtained.

That way, you can more freely buy whatever items you want in this game without worrying about running out of gold or gems .

If you want to know what features you can get from Dragon City Hack MOD APK, here’s a full explanation.

1. Unlimited Gold

This feature is definitely very useful as long as you play in Dragon City Hack MOD APK, gang. You can use unlimited gold to buy various resources available in the shop in this game.

Not only for buying items, gold is also useful for building a dragon city as you wish, such as building terra habitats , flame habitats , sea ​​habitats , and many more.

Do you want to increase the number and variety of dragons ? Can be unlocked using gold too, gang. You can get some dragons like Sea Dragon and Nature Dragon easily if you have unlimited gold .

2. Unlimited Gems

No less important than gold, you can use the unlimited number of gems that you can get through Dragon City Hack MOD APK 2021 to build a dragon city and unlock special dragons .

Throughout the game there will also be some dragons that are trapped and you can free them using gems.

Once you’re freed, you can cross it with other dragons to get a stronger type of dragon .

Gems can also be used to obtain eggs from various types of dragons, such as the Jelly Dragon, Volcano Dragon, and Obsidian Dragon. Next. You can hatch the eggs to complete your dragon collection.

3. Hundreds of Dragons Available

Besides you who can become a dragon master, there are already more than 80 million dragon masters in this game, you know, gang. You have to fight and defeat them to get new dragons.

Fortunately, Dragon City APK provides 100 types of dragons that you can use to fight according to the situation.

Sometimes, a dragon can have more than one element, making it suitable for you to use to fight against other players whose level is already high.

Several types of dragons available are stone, fire, forest, lightning, and air dragons.

You can cross two different types of dragons to get a new dragon that is stronger and has two elements at once.

4. PvP Battle

As Jaka mentioned before, there are more than 80 million dragon masters in this game. You can do PvP battles aka player vs player battles with them to determine who is better.

By often doing one-on-one battles, you can become the best dragon master among them and have the opportunity to get powerful dragons .

The PvP game mode is famous for being fun, gang, because with the fight, you feel challenged and don’t get bored playing this game.

5. Many Other Features

The higher your EXP and level, the more items and dragons you can unlock . But, you need a lot of gold, gems and food to do it.

Well, you can get unlimited food from Dragon City Hack MOD APK. That way, you don’t have to bother looking for food for your dragon to grow big quickly.

You can also unlock new battle arenas like those in various Android fighting games every time you level up.

The final word

That’s Jaka’s explanation about the Dragon City game and the download link for Dragon City Hack MOD APK.

Don’t forget to download this game, gang, so you can experience for yourself the excitement of nurturing and training your dragons to get the title of dragon master.

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