Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod Apk 0.42.2

Dread Rune is a roguelike RPG with 3d graphics and lots of variety and replayability. Each game is unique, with twelve different playable characters, randomized levels and enemies, and over 100 items to collect and use. The game is simple to get into, but has a lot of depth. Mastery of weapons, combos and strategic use of items will be required to win.

Runes of Fear include:
– High replayability: Randomly generated levels, enemies and items. No two games are the same!
– 12 hero classes: Adventurer, Pirate, Mage, Drunk, Mage, Lord, Pump King, Blink, Ranger, Soul Mage, Necromancer and Chef. Each hero has unique abilities, starting stats and items.
– 5 different dungeon regions: Each with unique enemies and environments
– Over 100 different items: including powerful runes, scrolls, weapons and armor.
– 30+ different enemies, 10 different traps and 5 bosses to test your skills.
– Destructible environment, create your own path through dungeons.
– Character upgrades that last during a run: Damage, Health, Stamina, Speed, Dash Speed, Carry Capacity and Special Cooldown.
– Random events, sometimes good, mostly bad, find all these 15 encounters
– Updates, with new content approximately once a month.

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