OK Google Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

OK Google Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

May 3, 2021


Description OK Google Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Google Assistant can help users when using smartphones. Google Not Working  However, sometimes this virtual assistant technology doesn’t work very well. Some Android users have found Google Assistant makes them repeat the phrase ‘Ok Google’ over and over to give commands. If this happens to you, don’t worry yet. There are a number of simple fixes you can try so that the voice recognition software can work again.

1. Check You Are Not Alone

Know in advance the problem is with you or Google. Check Twitter, Reddit, and Google’s support forums to see if other users are complaining OK Google and Hey Google is stopping on the phone too.

2. Check Your Language Settings

If Google Assistant doesn’t respond to you, it could be because you are speaking the wrong language. US English is the default language for many users, so please check your language settings.

To set the language, you can go to the Google application and its main menu. Then, go to Settings> Voice (under Search), and select the appropriate language from the Voice menu. There you will see a lot of language options, each of which has a chechbox so you can adjust it. Google will automatically detect the language you use.

3. Check Your Device Microphone

As a voice-based assistant, Google Assistant relies on uninterrupted access to your smartphone microphone. When you create a Google app, the microphone icon on the right side of the search bar will appear bold, with a fully formed line. If the line is dotted, you may have a problem with the microphone. The problem could be due to debris in the small microphone hole that is often found next to the charging port. Clean the hole so that Google Assistant can hear your commands again. Apart from that, the apps in the background sometimes also make noise that can interfere with the microphone to pick up your voice. So check this too, close all noise-making apps.

4. Check Internet Network

Google Assistant requires Wifi or cellular data to operate. So, make sure your device is connected before trying to find a solution. You can also use the old method, namely the quick reboot, and last but not least, try to make sure Ok Google detection is turned on. To do this, you can open the Google application and go to the main menu. Next, go to Settings> Voice (under search)> Voice Match detection. From there, activate that feature.

5. Train the Voice Model Ok Google

Sometimes for no apparent reason, Google doesn’t keep the commands you give. If all else fails, it may be time to train your digital friends. The trick is to go to Settings> Google> Search> Voice. Then, make sure access with Voice Match is turned on. From there, tap Retrain Voice model and repeat OK Google and Hey Google when prompted. Assistant should return to respond to your voice as usual.

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