FMWHATSAPP APK Download (FMWA) Latest Version (NEW!!)

FM WhatsApp – Hello everyone. Back again with the admin. Here we come with the latest FM WhatsApp MOD application.

Haven’t heard the latest version has been launched? Relax, because we are here to share with you how to download and the newest link.

FMWhatsapp 2019 APK Download link

Application Name FMWhatsApp APK
Version 8.0
Total Downloads 3,000,000+
Developer Fouad Mods


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Want to know how to send 1000+ or even 1000+ of WA messages to your friends?

What is FM Whatsapp?

FMWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp MOD APKs in other WA Mods.

Download the new 7.51 app release which comes with super interesting features. Keep reading for all feature details and download the MOD step by Fouad Mokdad.

Since WhatsApp FM is not very popular, you may not know many details about it. This MOD was developed by Fouad Mokdad.

He has also developed the Fouad App. Let’s get to the topic. The FMWhatsApp helps in running multiple WhatsApp accounts. As a second WhatsApp account, this is an application that is suitable for those of you who use Dual SIM phones.

Most of us already know and use GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus for Android, please click the link to see. But, Whatsapp MOD also comes with several different features for each type of WA.

So to know the difference between them, you can see the excellent features of FM WA.

Features Of FM WhatsApp

  • Send Message Without Saving Number
  • Whatsapp lock
  • Turn off Whatsapp temporarily
  • Download the Whatsapp Story
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  • Supports Voice And Video Calls With A New Look Different From The Original. Besides that, you can also set special ringtones for certain people.
  • If you don’t want to be seen online then take advantage of the “Last Seen” feature.
  • Conversely, you can also choose the “Online / Last Seen” feature on your friends’ WA.
  • There are lots of theme choices, there are at least 100 themes for your FM Whatsapp later.
  • Apart from themes, there are also 30+ Ticks & Bubbles styles, aka tick shapes and chat styles on your screen.
  • No need to download images first to see at a glance the images sent by people.
  • No need to load for the media preview.
  • This is one of the advantages that many people are looking for. By default, WhatsApp only allows us to send files no more than 25MB. Therefore FMWhatsapp provides you with a solution, namely by breaking this limit by allowing sending files up to 700MB in size without any problems. You can also send various other file types such as PDF, RAR, and ZIP.
  • You can write on WA status up to 250 characters.
  • Have you ever wanted to copy and paste your friend’s status in WA? So you can do that with this FMWA.
  • Change the application launcher and notification icon.
  • Pin or paste other people’s chats. What is pin chat? So when you see a status that you think is important and don’t want to lose that status, you can pin that status and you can easily see it again at any time. However, WA Official limits this to only 3 pins. But with FMWA you can pin up to 1000 chats.

Only then can you decide which one you should use. Check out the following explanation:

What’s new in Latest Version 7.9?

  • “Send Message Group” setting. If enabled, only Admins can send messages in Groups.
  • Renewal expiration date for one additional month in FMWA version 7.60
  • Just by pressing a special button, you can send voice messages very easily.
  • Using WhatsApp Original 2.18.122 (Play Store) as the main source for modifications.
  • Now the Contacts screen gets the theme color automatically.
  • Options: Change the CHAT tab unread background and text color
  • Latest: OnePlus Slate and Old Stock (classic) fonts
  • Enable: Group settings, Group description, Last seen on Home screen
  • Bug Fixes: Call stuck on Android Kitkat, Lock wallpaper setting issue on some devices
  • Call Blocker (new) – Who can call me option (Call> Menu)
  • FMWA Widget – Last Seen On or Off, Number of unread messages, and more
  • New: FM Theme Store design and improvements
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

How to Install the Latest FM WhatsApp

  1. First, open the Privacy or Security Settings on your Android Phone.
  2. Unknown Source for WhatsApp FM
  3. Check the option “Unknown Sources” to activate. Now the phone is ready to install the APK.
  4. Download FM WhatsApp Latest Version 7.51 for Android.
  5. Install the APK file normally and open it.
  6. Enter your second mobile number and Verify via OTP code.
  7. It’s ready now! Enjoy all the super interesting features of the new FMWhatsApp mod application.

Also, check

Let us recount the best features of FM Whatsapp.


App lock features:

As mentioned above, the official version of WhatsApp does not have security features, however, FM Whatsapp has now presented these shortcomings.

Instead, it offers an app lock feature which can be used to secure your personal whatsapp as it is privacy.

FMWhatsApp also supports many lock systems such as pattern, fingerprint and pin.

Therefore, you don’t need to download additional Android apps to protect your WhatsApp application as you will be able to do it easily.

Privacy Features:

Another feature that the official WhatsApp doesn’t have is the privacy feature. There are so many users out there who don’t want to display their online status.

Because there are certain times we want to take a break or are not in the mood to answer the incoming WA.

But thanks to FMWhatsApp it offers a lot of privacy features. By using this WA, you will be able to hide your online status, double tick, single tick, recording, and typing status.

Call Filter:

Call Filter is another cool feature of FMWhatsApp apk. We all get calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp every so often and it can be really annoying.

However, with the help of this application, you will be able to filter unwanted contacts from contacting you on WhatsApp. Because indeed in WA anyone can call someone without the need to confirm first.


Pin Chat :

WhatsApp allows you to pin only 3 chats but by using  FMWA apk you are allowed to pin 100 chats easily.

This is a very useful feature for any business owner or person out there with too many contacts.

Like them, you can easily bookmark chats that you deem important so that you can easily access them again at a later date.

Share FILE:

Sharing media files is a useful feature that almost everyone uses. If you have ever shared media files on WhatsApp. So I’m sure you’ve experienced that the file share size limit on WhatsApp is a maximum of 16MB.

But what if you want to share larger files? Now in this case FMWhatsApp provides a solution to the problem.

You will be able to share media files up to 700MB with ease. Also using FM WA, you will be able to send different types of file formats. Such as APK, DOC, RAR, PDF, and so on.

Cool Themes:

One feature that makes WhatsApp FM quite famous is its themes. FMWA offers tons of cool themes that completely change the look and feel of the original WA app.

Group Settings:

FMWhatsApp is also equipped with a group setting feature, for example, we can change the color for each group.

You can increase the limit on the number of members in a group. You can find these settings in the group search settings.

Apart from these settings, there are also quite a number of useful features available in the app. So please download and try it.

I have tried my best to provide the latest FMWhatsApp APK details.

Read all major features and the latest release notes. Find the download link for the 2018 version and get the Mod application. Enjoy downloads to your Android device.

Explore and enjoy all the updated features. We hope you like our article on FM WhatsApp. Keep visiting for the next update.

FM Whatsapp FAQ

How to download it?

Please click directly on the download button that I included at the beginning of this article.

Is it Safe?

Of course, because WhatsApp FM only adds a few features which the official WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Can I Use Two Whatsapps at Once?

Especially for this Whatsapp FM, you cannot use it together with the original WhatsApp.

But you can use it in conjunction with other types of WhatsApp mods. Or use the dual application mode which is owned by several brands of Android phones. For example Xiaomi with its Dual Apps.

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