FFH4X Joel Headshot Mod APK Free Fire 100% Auto Headshot

Apk Mod Joel Headshot FFH4X – Hi, Bro, and Sis all? If we discuss the matter of Free Fire, there will be no end. Because FF itself is one of the top games that are still so popular even though there are also some other Battle Royale games that have emerged, say like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends that are now becoming one of the most played games on android. Not only in terms of interesting games to discuss, it turns out that there are also a lot of players who cheat by cheating on the game. Like using the FFH4X application or what we usually know about the term Apk Mod Joel Headshot which apparently has now been done a lot and has proven successful.

In the game, Garena Free Fire itself does have a game that is quite exciting and challenging for anyone who plays it. Where players will jump from an airplane and go down using a parachute on an island as a place to fight with players from other players. In addition, also it is necessary to explore every area in the area of ​​the island to look for weapons and so forth to prepare for survival. There is also a shrinking zone that requires you not to get out of the zone if you don’t want the blood to automatically decrease. So to make the game easier, you can use the FFH4X application as the admin will share the following.

Download FFH4X Joel Mod Headshot APK Free Fire 100% Auto Headshot

Actually, there are several applications that we can use to cheat Free Fire games, such as using Game Guardian or Lulubox which also has the same function to play games very easily. But this time, the admin will try to share about the Auto Headshot Free Fire cheat tutorial. using FFH4X. So for those of you who are curious and interested in trying it, please download the application below.

Apk Name FFH4X Joel Headshot Mod APK Free Fire 100% Auto Headshot
Version v1.0.3
Size 20.2MB
Developer FFH4X
Category Games
Mod Yes
Requires Android 5.5 and up


Material Cheat:  

Download Virtual Xposed

Download FFH4X Mod Joel Headshot APK

Feature Apk:

  • AIMLOCK Auto
  • Auto Headshot
  • Auto Firing
  • AR Ammo
  • AR Damage
  • Fast Skill
  • Fast Run in Water
  • Extreme Health
  • Easy Booyah
  • High Accuracy
  • No Recoil
  • Low Speed
  • NO Speed
  • NO White Body
  • Run After High Jump
  • Super Damage
  • Anti-Banned
  • Etc

How to Use FFH4X to Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot

  1. Previously, please download the material for the cheat above
  2. If you have, please Agan & Sista open the Virtual Xposed application and please install the APK or you can also add it (Game FF + FFH4X) to the application
  3. Then on the Virtual Xposed application, please open the FFH4X application and press “Launch FFH4X”
  4. After that, open the FF game on the Virtual Xposed application and login using the FF Agan & Sista account
  5. If successful, a page box will appear containing a cheat menu, and please select the cheat you will use
  6. Done!

Well, that’s a little tutorial about How to Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot that admin can share on this occasion. Good luck and hopefully it will be useful for all of you!

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