Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

Wednesday, 23 December 2020 (1 year ago)

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Free Netflix – Watching movies is a special entertainment for people to release fatigue from various strenuous activities. Especially films with the cinema label.

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

However, people don’t want to bother with downloading because it takes a long time to watch movies. Therefore, there are many streaming applications on the Play Store and Appstore that will be a solution. The name of the application is Netflix.

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming applications at the moment. You can watch movies, podcasts, and even TV series on this application.

So, you don’t have to buy or rent a DVD anymore, because Netflix has everything you want. You can download Netflix for free on the Playstore or the App Store.

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

What we know, for those who want to get services and watch free Netflix, you are required to register and pay for a package to subscribe to be able to stream Netflix for free.

Of course, this is a problem for those of us who in fact are anti-paying the club. With an ingrained spirit of gretongan, it is very appropriate for my friend to visit this article and very lucky here we will provide a solution to you. with that, you can watch free Netflix movies.

How to Watch Netflix for Free

The Netflix application now offers new users to try a trial version for a month which is definitely free. If the trial period for your friend’s account has expired, you are required to go to a premium account.

The premium Netflix account is very expensive. Just go ahead if you want to know how to watch Netflix for free in 2020, here a trial can follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device to the network.
  2. Enter the registration page or register
  3. Click on the basic package and select continue.
  4. Free Netflix account
  5. Enter your email and create a password for your free Netflix account.
  6. Then, you are required to provide details of a valid credit or debit card for the list.
  7. Before you reach the limit of the trial period, you have to cancel your account.
  8. Buddy, just log in to your Netflix account and you’re done.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can follow the steps below:

  • Select your profile picture when logged into your Netflix account.
  • On the drop-down menu, select your account option. select cancel membership option from membership and billing.
  • Now my friend has canceled your subscription to Netflix.

If the method above doesn’t work, then we suggest you see the explanation of how to watch Netflix for free below:

Using a Virtual Card

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

Another way to get a free Netflix account is to use a virtual card. Here, you need two applications that can be installed via the Google Play Store, and also the Apple App Store. Both are Netflix and TMW.

TMW is an application that can create free unlimited virtual debit cards. How to download it, among others, is as follows:

  • Download the TMW app on the play store
  • Wait for the download process to complete
  • Install the application on the device
  • Register for a new account via the TMW application
  • You will be asked to enter an active cellphone number and a valid identity
  • Read the terms and conditions from TMW
  • Check the ” Accept the Agreement “ column
  • Click the ” Sign Up “ icon
  • If you have received a verification SMS, then just input it here
  • Later you will be asked to enter a 4-6 digit PIN
  • You will also get secret questions, such as favorite food, pet’s name, and so on
  • Click the ” Cards Option “ section at the bottom of the page
  • On the next page, immediately click ” Apply Now “
  • Check the small field with the words ” Activate Instantly “
  • Enter a valid e-mail address and date of birth (make sure you are not under age, i.e. less than 17 years)
  • After being accepted by the organizer, you will get a virtual card from TMW
  • If you have successfully gotten a virtual card, you can enter the Netflix app
  • Select the package offered
  • Click ” Continue “
  • Enter your e-mail and password, then click “ Continue ”
  • During registration, Netflix will ask for a credit card. But you can use a virtual card from TMW earlier
  • It’s easy, just input all the requested identities, including First Name, Last Name, Expiry Date, Card Number , and so on.
  • If you agree with all the terms and conditions of Netflix, click the “ Start Membership ” icon
  • You will get a verification code on your TMW account
  • Just enter the code, then click ” Submit “
  • Now you have successfully got a free Netflix account without having to include a real credit or debit card

Using Netflix Cookies

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

Apart from the above method, you can also watch Netflix for free by using cookies. Generally, to access Netflix, you must log in first. But if you apply this technique, you can automatically log into any Netflix account.

Are you curious about how to use Netflix cookies? Below is a complete guide:

  1. Open a browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or something else
  2. Install the extension called ” EditThisCookie ” in the browser
  3. After it is completely installed, immediately close the browser then reopen it
  4. Visit the Netflix official site at
  5. Click the image/cookie icon on the top right side
  6. Select the option ” Import “
  7. Download and copy the code that appears on the file
  8. Paste in the import box
  9. Click the checkmark at the very bottom
  10. Refresh the Netflix page
  11. You can use a premium account

Make use of the trial version

Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

As you may already know, Netflix offers a trial or trial version for 30 days. During this time, you can access Netflix for free. But after that, you will be asked to subscribe and upgrade to the premium version.

Therefore, before the trial period ends, immediately cancel your Netflix account so you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. If you intend to repeat this method, it is advisable to wait some time to prevent spamming .

Guide to watching Netflix for free using the trial version:

  1. Open Netflix through the app or the official website
  2. Register Netflix
  3. Click the column that says ” Try 30 Days Free “
  4. Wait for the activation confirmation to be sent to the email
  5. After the activation process is successful, you can immediately log in
  6. Select the package offered
  7. Click ” Continue “
  8. You will be asked to enter your email and password again
  9. Next, you must include a debit or credit card (don’t worry because your money won’t be deducted before agreeing to subscribe)
  10. Now you can access various movies on Netflix for free during the trial period (30 days). But before the free period ends, it’s best to quickly cancel your Netflix account

Meanwhile, to cancel an existing account on Netflix, you can follow the method below:

  • Select the Netflix account profile icon
  • Click the menu
  • Select Account Options
  • Click ” Cancel Membership / Cancel Membership Options “
  • Your account has been canceled successfully

What if you don’t have a credit card?

Credit cards are something exclusive to Indonesia, not everyone has them. This is inseparable from the complicated terms and conditions of applying for a credit card. But you don’t need to worry, because you can use PayPal as a solution to watching Netflix for free.

Please note that Netflix offers 3 payment options, namely:

  • Via credit card
  • Debit card, and
  • PayPal. But to use and cancel the trial, you must select the payment option via PayPal or Credit Card.

Therefore, you should make PayPal first so you can try this free service. So, you can choose to cancel your subscription when the trial period is almost over. Take it easy, the balance will not be deducted at all.

Register for a Free Neflix Account

However, if you don’t want the hassle of making Netflix, there are other ways … Not because of mods or that, but we will provide many accounts that of course have packages in them. Here are the free Netflix accounts 2020 :

E-mail Password[email protected] Danbrown2
E-mail Password[email protected] 882melvik
E-mail Password[email protected] 517454614
E-mail Password[email protected] iloveelvis
E-mail Password[email protected] cataleah25
E-mail Password[email protected] 123456
E-mail Password[email protected] blackcat69
E-mail Password[email protected] howaboutthat
E-mail Password[email protected] Annika1
E-mail Password[email protected] Justin14
E-mail Password[email protected] artshart
E-mail Password[email protected] Jm2719
E-mail Password[email protected] cdefgahc
E-mail Password[email protected] 2eg54sfkmn
E-mail Password[email protected] Interview0929
E-mail Password[email protected] 008249
E-mail Password[email protected] Lifezyu898
E-mail Password[email protected] Diecast8
E-mail Password[email protected] techwearsa21
E-mail Password[email protected] Emily098
E-mail Password[email protected] qwerty7
E-mail Password[email protected]
E-mail Password[email protected] TW156 @ Netflix
[email protected]cdefgahc
[email protected]517454614
[email protected]Lifezyu898
[email protected]2eg54sfkmn
[email protected]danbrown2
[email protected]008249
[email protected]diecast8
[email protected]123456
[email protected]interview0929
[email protected]techwearsa21
[email protected]emily098
[email protected]cataleah25
[email protected]cdefgahc
[email protected]qwerty7
[email protected][email protected]


From the list of accounts above, you can access unlimited and unlimited content. We provide multiple accounts to prevent you from being unable to log in and you can have multiple accesses.

Restrictions occur for several reasons. In that case, you’ll need to find another way to access Netflix and bypass the protection.

The simplest methods are free proxies and VPNs. On the browser, you install a free proxy service that is integrated into your connection. With this service, ISPs cannot recognize Netflix access.

You can do the same for mobile devices. Unfortunately, it may not work for consoles and televisions. More importantly, your network must be secure in order to enjoy Netflix. Then is security, including safety access. The legal method is the safest way.

You don’t have to worry about security issues when accessing Netflix via the account above. Basically, it is legal without fake accounts. On a virtual card, it still belongs to legal means even though the card information may not be correct.

Note: Changing the account password above is prohibited because basically, the account belongs to us all. Therefore, it is desirable not to be selfish. So please do not change the account password.

This is how to access Netflix for free, hopefully, you can use this account wisely and don’t change your password.


Is this Netflix free account safe?

Of course, the accounts we provide are legal without fake accounts.

Did the Netflix account work?

That’s right, while the password hasn’t been changed.

What can we do using a free Netflix account?

You can access unlimited and unlimited content.

Download Free Netflix Account Set (Netflix Account & Password)

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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