How to use Game Guardian without root in Mobile Legends

For those of you who are fans of mobile games, you must be familiar with the “Game Guardian” application. Where the application is often used to “Cheat” the games we are going to play, either it is an Online or Offline game. So that later we will be much easier to play every game available, for example in use in the Mobile Legend game which has now become a very popular game and is loved by fans of mobile games. Maybe for some people still confused about using the cheat game application, that for those of you who are curious, please see the tutorial like the admin will share below.

To run the Game Guardian application on Android actually requires a Root process first, so that later the application is installed properly and can be activated on your Android device. In addition, you can also use several versions for the application, because indeed of all the existing versions As for how to use the root itself, we can use various types of root applications such as Install SuperSu, KingRoot, Magisk TWRP, and also root using a PC device. But if you don’t want to bother with doing a bit of a root process complicated, so please refer to the tutorial below.

How to use Game Guardian without root in Mobile Legends

Can I use Game Guardian on Mobile Legend without root? You can still use the application, even without having to root your cellphone first. For this, we must have and install virtual space applications on Android such as VirtualXposed, Go Multiple, 2Face, Parallel Space, or Parallel Space Lite. But admin recommends that you use Parallel Space because it will be much easier and there will be no errors when compared to other root applications. If you are still confused, please follow the steps below:

How to Use Game Guardian on Android

  • Download the Parallel Space application
  • Go to Settings> Settings> Security and activate the “Unknown Source” feature to be able to install applications from Unknown Sources
  • If so, open the File Manager application and look for File Download
  • After that, please install Game Guardian and Parallel Space that you downloaded earlier
  • After the application is installed and already supports GG, now to use it you just have to open Game Guardian and later there will be 2 Game Guardian application views, namely HW / SW
  • Select the one you want to use and the application will automatically reinstall it using a random name to exclude detection by the game
  • If there is a message “Skip” on the screen, just leave it until the installation process is complete, then select Settings to allow installing applications from Unknown Sources and select “Install”
  • Click “OK” 2x to delete the same or previous GG and if successful please click ” No Root ” and ” OK “
  • You have to remember, don’t delete one of the GG HW / SW, because if one of them is deleted, the application will not work

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How to Run Game Guardian without Root in Parallel Space

  1. Open the Parallel Space support GG application that you successfully installed earlier
  2. Select / Click Add App and Select Guardian and Mobile Legend Games
  3. After that, you just need to add it to Parallel Space
  4. Now you can use GG on Mobile Legend using Parallel Space
  5. In the final step, select the GG icon and click Start / Start
  6. Done!

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That’s all for a tutorial on How to Use Game Guardian without Root in Mobile Legend s that admin can share on this occasion. Hopefully, this can be useful and if you have questions, please write your comments below!

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