10 Simple Steps To Get Your AdSense Approved The Right Way

Monday, 16 December 2019 (2 years ago)

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Google Adsense is one way to get money from the internet. In addition to potentially making a lot of money, blogs that are monetized in this way sell well when sold on Flippa. Unfortunately, not everyone is approved as a Google Adsense publisher. The reasons vary from blogs that do not comply with webmaster policies, unclear navigation to lacking content.

The same thing happened to me. Even though I have had Google Adsense accounts three times in my name, my mother, and my father ( all of them banned ), in fact, I was rejected three times when I registered for Google Adsense on behalf of my friend.

I then changed the strategy by registering another blog. techriki.tech, the blog was approved by Google Adsense (see the proof in the image below).

10 Simple Steps To Get Your AdSense Approved The Right Way

Apart from that, if you want to be a Google Adsense publisher, follow these tips:

1. Create a blog that contains tips or how to

I first got a Google Adsense account when registering techriki.tech. The blog which is now inactive contains article type tips and how to write a good thesis. Surprisingly, the blog was approved within 24 hours.

Remembering this, I selected 10 English-language blogs that I made last September 2016. My choice fell on a therapy-related blog that contains 11 articles of type tips and how to.

I registered the blog with Google Adsense at 16:00 WITA, 21 December 2016. Four days later the blog was approved. I forgot the exact hour because Google Adsense ads had appeared when I visited the blog on December 24, 2016, at 11 pm WITA (even though at 17:30 WITA the ad had not yet appeared).

Reflecting on the above, you should create an article type tips and how-to if you want your blog to be approved as a Google Adsense publisher. This type of article is not difficult to make because it is one of the pillar articles.

As an illustration, if the topic of your blog is a car, then articles that you can make include:

  • How to Inspect a Car Engine
  • 10 Tips for getting Car Loans with Bad Credit
  • How to Avoid Car Scams When You Buy a Used Car Online
  • …etc.

2. Minimum number of articles 10

The number of articles that must be on the blog when registered with Google Adsense is still unclear. Some say minimal 10, 20, and so on. However, I had an interesting experience when a blog containing 5 articles was also approved by Google Adsense. That happened when I registered under my mother’s name in mid-December last year.

Apart from that, you should publish at least 10 articles (each with a minimum of 400 words). If it is lacking, it is possible that your blog is in the less content category so that Google Adsense is rejected.

3. Create articles that 100% pass CopyScape

Now, this is not the era of copy and paste ( copy and paste ). In addition to violating people’s copyrights, copy and paste articles are likely to be difficult to enter in the Google Top 10. Therefore, you must make an article that 100% passes CopyScape.

Don’t worry if you can’t write in English. You can order articles at local or overseas article writing services. For those of you who are interested in using article writing services abroad, I recommend iWriter.

All articles are 100% already pass CopyScape when sent to you, so save time because you do not need to check it again in CopyScape.

4. Create articles with good grammar

Your article is not 100% enough to pass Copyscape, but it must also have good grammar. Why? Because a Google Adsense specialist will be assigned to review your blog. If he does not understand the meaning of your article because the grammar is incorrect, he will recommend rejecting your application as a Google Adsense publisher.

5. Make blog navigation simple and clear

Blog navigation here can be in the form of internal links, header menus, related articles, and sidebar menus. You must make all navigation simple and clear. Example:

  • The blue link color will match with a white background
  • Related articles are placed under the article
  • The header menu contains only 4-6 items
  • The sidebar contains the latest posts, categories, and social media buttons

6. Add relevant videos

Visitor satisfaction is a goal you must achieve when publishing articles. Therefore, add videos that are relevant to the topic you are discussing. You can use your own videos or other people’s videos from YouTube.

Not all articles need to have videos. The percentage of its existence can be 30-50% of your total articles.

7. Create a blog logo

One of the professional factors of a blog is the logo. Therefore, your blog must have a logo in order to have a professional impression. You can order the logo on Fiverr or make it yourself with photoshop.

8. Create an informative and trusted about page

Your blog must have an About page that is informative and trusted. In my view, informative means to contain information about the purpose of making the blog. The trustworthy is to write down the identity of the blog owner. Remember, the identity on the About page must be the same as the one registered with Google Adsense.

9. Create a Contact page, Privacy Policy, and DMCA

In addition to the About page, you must also create a Contact page, Privacy Policy, and DMCA. The contact page will make it easier for visitors to contact you if they have questions that they want to ask. The Privacy Policy page states that you respect the privacy of your blog visitors. The DMCA page is a statement that your blog does not violate the copyrights of others.


10. Blog age is more than 3 months

As with the number of articles, the age of blogs registered with Google Adsense still has no benchmark (except for Indian blogs which must be at least 6 months old). Even so, from my experience and a number of other bloggers, 3 months is the ideal age.

Why? Because in 3 months you can publish many articles so that your blog is indexed perfectly and has visitors from search engines.


Everyone who is approved as a Google Adsense publisher has their own methods. Therefore, what I have explained above is subjective. However, if you practice it in English-language blogs and Indonesian-language blogs, I’m optimistic that your chances of being accepted as a GA publisher are even greater.

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