How Curse of Binding enchantment works in Minecraft

Thursday, 8 April 2021 (10 months ago)

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Curse of Binding is a charm in Minecraft that prevents players from releasing magic gear once the cursed item has been equipped.

The curse charm can be rather nasty, leaving a negative effect on the cursed equipment. The armor piece with Curse of Binding prevents players from releasing it once it is installed.

This means that no matter how hard the player tries, the cursed item will remain in use until the player dies, the item breaks, or the player enters creative mode.

Curse of Binding can be a nightmare for uninformed players and allows bad players to do some trolling on unsuspecting or naive players.

This article explains how the Curse of Binding charms work in Minecraft and explains how to get them.

How Curse of Binding charm works in Minecraft

How Curse of Binding charm works in Minecraft

Items that have been enchanted with Curse of Binding are almost impossible to remove unless the item breaks or the player who owns it dies.

Minecraft players who can quickly switch to creative mode can remove this item. However, if this is not possible, the best thing to do is to place all other valuables safely into the chest.

The Minecraft player must then be killed in order for the item to be finally deleted.

Smart Minecraft players might think that they can use a whetstone to remove the curse from the item by removing it. If a player tried to do this, they would simply return the item to them with the curse intact.

Use the Curse of Binding charm to prank other Minecraft players

How Curse of Binding charm works in Minecraft

Curse of Binding isn’t all bad, as it allows players to perform tricks on other people. The engraved pumpkin drastically reduces how much the player can see when equipped, as can be seen above.

Carved pumpkins can be enchanted with a Binding Curse, using the appropriate anvil and enchantment books.

Minecraft players can then take the cursed carved pumpkin and try to convince other players to wear it. These items can also be forcibly attached to other players using a dispenser.

Once the item is installed, players will be stuck with a pumpkin carving on their heads. The only way to remove it is by using one of the methods previously mentioned.

Realistically, other players might have to die to get the cursed pumpkin out of their heads.

This is a nasty troll, so take this information as a warning about what bad guys can do.

How to get the Curse of Binding charm

Minecraft players who want to acquire this special enchantment will need to do a little extra work, compared to many other enchantments.

Curse of Binding is a treasured charm, meaning that it can only be obtained from chest loot, fishing, raid prizes, or buying it from the village librarian using emeralds.

Note: There is a known bug in the Base Stone Edition that prevents players from obtaining cursed magic books from villagers. This means Bedrock players will need to use one of the other methods to get them.

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