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What is website

Do you know that how many types of websites? We can do our all work with the help of internet. I meant to say that whatever work is done on online,  we depend on the different websites for any of these tasks.


We search on the internet to know any kind of information and you can get information by visiting any website which comes on the results. It can help you to understand that how much importance of knowing different types of websites.


Who gives you the information on the internet, he is the owner of that website. There can be more than one owner for one website. There are many types of websites. And today I think that it is better post to share with the audience.


Types of the website:-


There are many types of websites available on the internet. let’s know the type of websites.


1. Search engine or portals:-

The search engine is a site that could be used by you to search this website on the internet. this is that site which is used by approx 1 billion people daily. Such as yahoo, bing, google, Duckduckgo, etc.


Google is also a search engine site. If anyone needs any type of  information from the world, then you will definitely get information on these websites.

Google has already information about other websites therefore if you search for anything on google, then you will get lists of websites with accurate information. Some people use the google search engine as a default search engine on their browsers. Like chrome browser has google search by default, you can change it if you want.

Or you can set default search websites by going in the setting of the browser. Some search engines have more than one portal like News, email. Yahoo and MSN are the names of that type of search engine.

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2. Informational websites:-

There is some type of websites, whose purpose is to give information to people.  They may take money or give it free for them.

The information about companies or industries is given on these sites. These websites contain information on these categories – tv guides, Reference Material,  Sports whether, and Stock Data.


3. Personal Websites of blogs:-


Making websites in the 21st century is not rocket science. But for some people, this is a big thing because they do not have any knowledge of the internet or computer. Creating personal blogs abroad has become like fashion.


Personal websites and blogs are growing very fast in today’s internet era. what kind of information will remain on this blog, it depends on the bloggers. Like the website or blog you are on,  your and mine site comes in this category.


This blog has the information about internet, technology, computer, SEO, Blogging, Motivation.  If you want to make your website, then you can make your own site on blogger.com, Wix.com and wordpress.com.


In blogger free templates and free hosting is also available. When you search on the internet will get it.


4. Blog and Online Diaries:-

Do you write diaries? If your answer is “yes”  then you don’t need to be a worry. If your diary is made online, then you can call it a blog.  Where you can write information as you like to share.


Blogger.com or windows live spaces you are required to sign up from these two. You will get different types of tools on both sites with which you can design your blog.

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You can run and install blogging software and WordPress on already available sites. You can manage your blog easily with the help of this. Your thinking and words can be made online in just a few seconds. And you can earn money as well.


Because you may not know that how to make a blog, managing is also very easy. If you learn, then and one more thing that you can earn a good amount of money from blogging nowadays. You can earn a lot that even you cant think of. Because of the hard work of these bloggers, the all information in the world is available online.


5. Company websites:-

In today’s time, every company has websites, in which there is some information of pages. Like the name of the company, Services, Contact us page, about us page, the home page, etc.


Internet is the open market for everyone now where people search for everything.  Therefore smallest company also creates their sites.


6. Forums:-

Everyone knows something about forum sites. This is an online platform where people ask questions and also discuss any topic with this. This is a way where people talk with each other and gives solutions to their problems. These sites are also known as questions and answer sites.

If you search on the internet, you will get many forum sites.  Where you have to register. You can also ask questions there if you have any questions in your mind.  If you have information about anyone subject or topic, then you can help them by giving the answer to that topic’s questions.

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 The discussion can be done on any subject on forum sites. Quora is the biggest online forum site. Where millions of people gather to give answers to people’s questions.  I can also tell you all that if you have knowledge about a particular subject, you must register there and give answers to the question of peoples.


7. Online Shops and Auctions websites:-

The website is used mainly for communication and information sharing purposes. But you may know that there are many companies where people sell their luggage online. If you want, you can also sell a product, if you have a particular type of and can sell it online.

These are the names of online sites such as amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, Alibaba, etc. these all come in the category of shopping sites. You can not even think how faster the world is purchasing products from online sites.



8. Social networking:-

The names of the websites that fall in this category are also known by every kid in the world. Because these are social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

First of all the people go to search engines then go to social sites on the internet.  on person spends two hours on social sites every day.


1 billion peoples stay active on social sites daily.  The popularity of these sites is increasing day by day.  Facebook is the most popular social site in the world.



Thank you for reading my article if you have any question of suggestion comment below, we will get back to you shortly with the answer.

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