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Auto Pick Up on PUBG Mobile is a feature that allows players to pick up diseased weapons or other loot very quickly automatically.

Well, apparently you can set the limit for each item that will be taken tablets. So that the capacity of your bag can be more awake.

This time we will discuss the PUBG Mobile auto pick up settings so that your looting capabilities are getting more organized.

Best PUBG Mobile Pick Up Auto Settings

For PUBG Mobile pick up settings, you can open the ” Settings ” or ” Settings ” menu in PUBG Mobile. Then select the ” Pick Up ” menu .

Then you can see the Smart Tips Settings provided below. Not only the pickup settings, but we will also discuss how to set the limit for each item taken.

Pick Up Settings
  1. Auto Pick-Up : This setting functions to enable or disable the Auto Pick-Up feature. We recommend choosing to activate it by selecting Enable .
  2. Auto pickup Pistols : This option functions to take Pistol automatically . If you don’t want to take a handgun or rarely pick it up, we recommend choosing Disable .
  3. Stop auto pick-up when the list is collapsed : When the list of items that you are looting is missing, the Auto Pick-Up process will stop. We recommend activating this option.
  4. Auto pickup Lv. 3 Backpacks : When you find a level 3 bag , this option makes you automatically wear the level 3 bag. We recommend activating this option.

Recommended Bullet Limit and Other Item Settings

With this setting, it is guaranteed that the contents of your bag will be more organized and of course items must be in your bag.

1. Assault Rifle

For Assault Rifle weapons, we recommend you to use bullet limit settings as shown.

Inventory of the bullet was very fitting to the last cyrcle. Even if you want to have more bullets, you can pick them up manually.

2. Marksman Rifle

As for the Marksman Rifle weapons, you can follow the settings provided in the picture.

There is a little addition to the bullets for VSS, because VSS requires a lot of bullets to kill opponents.

3. Sniper Rifle

For you reliable snipers , we recommend setting bullet limits for your favorite weapons. This setting is very fitting for the Sniper.

4. SMG

SMG weapons require more bullets than other types of weapons. This is because SMG needs a lot of bullets to kill enemies.

5. Shotguns

We recommend that you use 20 bullets for the Shotgun. Because this weapon is usually only used at the beginning of the game.

6. LMG

Just like SMG weapons, LMG type weapons also require a supply of more bullets. Because the slots for bullets in each LMG weapon are also quite a lot.

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7. Pistols

For those of you who take Pistols, we recommend setting the PUBG Mobile auto pick-up to 15. And for Sawed-off Pistols, we recommend setting it to 20. This is because Sawed-off is quite helpful in close combat.

8. Others

The PUBG Mobile auto pick up setting for Crossbow itself, you can set the bullet supply to 10. Because of course it’s very rare for PUBG Mobile players to use Crossbow.

9. Item Healing and Boost

For Healing and Boost items, the PUBG Mobile auto pick up setting is:

  • 1 Medkit
  • 5 First Aid
  • 10 Bandages
  • 5 Energy Drink
  • 5 Painkiller
  • 1 Adrenaline Syringe

Item healing and boost above, we believe it is very fitting. If you want to take more, you can take it manually.

10. Grenades

PUBG Mobile auto pick up settings for Grenade limits that you can take, we set it to:

  • 5 Frag Grenades
  • 5 Smoke Grenade
  • 2 Molotov Cocktail
  • 1 Grenade Stun

Well, that’s the PUBG Mobile auto pick up settings that are often used by the top PUBG Mobile players . That way your bag supply will be more regular.

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