How To Bug A Car Flying In Free Fire Easily!

Despite being the most popular game in India at this time, Free Fire is still not spared from the bugs in the game. Again, this time it is still associated with a car. After previously a car bug entered the house, now it’s the turn of a flying car bug found in Free Fire.

This time TECHRIKI Tutorial will give you a way to do this one bug. Curious? Here’s How to Bug a Car Flying in Free Fire Easily! Check below.

How to Bug Cars Flying in Free Fire Easily? 

This time Androidalexa Tutorial will give you an easy way to bug this flying car. You just have to follow the steps that we give below. How to? Here’s How to Bug a Car Flying in Free Fire Easily! According to Techriki.

1. Find a Big Car

The first step you have to do is look for or find a car that is big enough, for example, a monster car. After that, bring the car to the slope of a hill or cliff.

2.Close Free Fire Game

The second step you have to do is close the Free Fire game and open it again to log in. Then return to your Free Fire game.


The third step you have to do is wait whether the bug is successful or not. Later your character will move to the sky along with the car. Of course, after this the car will fall to the ground again, so most likely after this, you will die. You could say this one bug can harm you. But it’s okay if you just want to try.

Well, That’s How to Fly Car Bugs in Free Fire Easily. If you are in the ranking mode, we do not recommend trying this flying car bug. Yes, because it will harm you yourself. However, if you just want to try in classic mode it’s not a problem.

There are still a lot of Free Fire Tips that we haven’t given yet. Therefore, always visit ANDROIDALEXA.

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