How To Download And Install Minecraft PC For Free

Minecraft is a game that is loved by teenagers today. Indeed, this game really spurs creativity, but unfortunately, you have to spend a little money playing it. Therefore, many are looking for ways to download and install Minecraft PC for free.

However, it turns out that Mojang as the developer provides several ways to play Minecraft for free. First of all, you can play the classic version. Meanwhile, the developer also provides a demo version where you can play Minecraft for a limited time.

The time given is actually quite long. This aims to make players feel at home and interested in buying their games. Well, this time we will teach you how to download and install Minecraft PC for free. Come see the steps below.

Download Minecraft Java Edition for Windows

How to download and install Minecraft PC for free

If you want to download and play the Minecraft game. Here’s how to download and install Minecraft PC for free.

  1. Download Minecraft

    You can download this game directly to their official website or via the link above. After that, download it according to the platform you are using, whether it is Windows or MacOS.
    Minecraft site

  2. Install Minecraft

    If you have downloaded it, you can immediately install this game on your PC. Installing the application does not require an internet network, but there are several things that must be downloaded after that.
    Install Minecraft

  3. Download Other Components

    After that, you are required to download some of the other necessary components. So, please be patient.
    Download Components

  4. Play Minecraft

    After that, the game will open automatically and you can play the demo version of Minecraft without having to buy it.
    How to Download Install Minecraft Pc for Free

Well, that’s how to download and install Minecraft PC for free. We also have many Minecraft tutorials that are very helpful when you play survival mode in this game. Therefore, don’t forget to visit androidalexa again to get the latest news and tips.

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