How to fix the pending transaction Steam error

How to fix the pending transaction Steam error

March 12, 2021


Description How to fix the pending transaction Steam error

what to do when you get the stampeding transaction error one issue that you might experience when trying to buy a game on steam is when the purchase does not get completed when this happens don’t worry as there are several troubleshooting steps that you can do to fix this here’s what you need to do prerequisite make sure the steam server is online by going to steam stat.

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How can I fix the Pending Transaction Steam Error?

1. Is Steam down?

if it’s offline then you will need to wait for the servers to get back online cancel pending transactions in steam if you are trying to buy a game but the process could not be completed then you try to buy it again you will usually get this error you should cancel the pending transaction to fix this problem open the steam client then click on account details you can do this by clicking on the drop-down menu on your username on the upper right side of steam click on view purchase history this can be found on the store and purchase history section

select a pending purchase on the list then click on cancel this will successfully cancel the purchase after performing these steps try to check if the issue has been resolved to try using a different payment method there are instances when the payment method you are using can cause this particular problem to check

2. Cancel other pending transactions

if this is the case you will need to use another payment method you can do this from the account details section of the steam client try adding funds to your steam wallet then use this payment method you can also update the payment method link to your steam account try purchasing the game from the steam website

one method to fix this problem is to go to the steam website using your computer browser log into your account then make the purchase from therein case the issue still persists then you should contact steam support help dot hope that this guide has been helpful please support us by subscribing to our channel don’t forget to hit that notification bell

3. Disable the VPN and the IP proxy software

  • Select VPN or IP proxy software on the Process tab.
  • Click the End task button.
  • Select the Start-up tab shown just below.
  • Then select the VPN or IP proxy software included on the Start-up tab.
  • Click the Disable button to remove the proxy or VPN IP from the system startup.

Steam transaction errors can also be caused by VPN and IP proxy software. Users can close, or disable, VPN and IP proxy software by right-clicking the Windows 10 taskbar and selecting  Task Manager. Those were some of the potential fixes for Steam’s pending transaction error. Users can also set up a Steam support account to send support tickets if the further resolution is required.


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