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How to get free Robux 

You have already subscribed to the famous platform that collects more than 15 million games inside. In an attempt to customize your character, you found out that to get some clothing and some accessories you need to have Robux, which is the official Roblox game currency. He had never heard of it before, he did his research on the web for more information on the subject and most of all to find out if it is possible to get Robux for free and ended up here on my website.

Is this the case, am I right? So let me tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time! With this guide, I will explain how to get free Robux. In addition, I will teach you the detailed procedure to activate Roblox Premium , a subscription that allows you to get a monthly Robux “salary”. You will also find all the information related to Roblox Gift Cards and the information necessary to redeem amounts. I tell you all this below.

How to get free Robux: what you need to know


Before going into the details of this guide and explaining how to get free Robux, it is necessary to make some previous indications. In fact, as specified in the Roblox guidelines, there is no totally free method of obtaining official in-game currency from the platform.

Although there are numerous online tools and mobile phone apps that promise to generate infinite Robux and credit them directly to your gaming account, you should know that these tools do not work and are often scams. Also, it is strictly forbidden to trust third-party services to try to get Robux for free, as stated in the Roblox terms of use. Users who rely on third-party services to sell, trade, and transfer Robux risk immediate account closure.

Roblox Premium Subscription

That said, if you are wondering how to get free Robux on Roblox, you should know that the only solution available is to activate a Roblox Premium subscription, which allows you to receive a Robux package for free every month, get 10% more for each package additional Robux purchased in the platform store and, above all, to be able to earn Robux by selling their creations to other users through the virtual store of the game platform.

Alternatively, you can get one as a gift Roblox Gift Card, which allows you to get credit to activate a Premium Roblox subscription and add Robux to your account.

How to get free Robux on PC


After the necessary initial premise, you are ready to have free Robux on your PC. All you have to do is log into your account and activate a Roblox Premium subscription: by doing so, you will receive a monthly Robux “salary” and can sell clothes, accessories, and much more on the Roblox website, to earn additional Robux.

Activate Roblox Premium

To activate Roblox Premium from PCs, connected to the main Roblox page, click the access button , in the upper right corner, enter the data associated with your account in the User / email / phone and password fields and press the access button , to access your account.

Now, click on the ☰ button, in the upper left corner, select the Update now option from the menu that appears. And, on the page that just opened, choose the Roblox Premium subscription you want to activate.

  • 450 Robux (7.06 dollars/month): allows you to get 450 Robux per month, sell items (and therefore earn additional Robux), and, if you buy a single Robux package, get 10% more.
  • 1,000 Robux (9.99 dollars/month): offers all the advantages of the 450 Robux plan, but allows you to have 1,000 Robux per month.
  • 2,200 Robux (29.70 dollars/month): This allows you to get 2,200 Robux per month, in addition to all the other benefits offered by other subscriptions.

You made your choice, press the Buy Now button. Place a checkmark next to the payment method you want to use ( credit card, debit card, or PayPal ). Enter the details in the appropriate fields and click the Submit button to complete the Roblox Premium activation.

If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to earn Robux by selling your creations on Roblox, press the create option located in the top menu, select one of the options visible in the left sidebar ( shirt , T-shirts and pants ) and identify the dress or accessory you want to sell, then click the gear wheel icon and select the Configure option .

In the new screens, locate the Sell ​​this item box , put the check mark next to the item Sell ​​this item , specify the sale price of the selected item in the price field and press the Save button , to save the changes and publish your creation in the Roblox catalog.

It will be useful to know that in case of sale, the Robux won will be suspended up to three business days before being credited to your account. You can see its status by clicking on the hexagon icon in the upper right corner and selecting the Robux option (number). On the page, find the Pending Sales entry that indicates the number of Robux not yet credited.

Get a Roblox gift card as a gift

If you are not going to get your wallet to activate a Roblox Premium subscription, you can always get one as a Roblox Gift Card gift. These cards can be bought on Amazon and Twitter, it is possible to use GameStop (also in physical stores).

There are two different types of gift cards available. The Roblox Card Subscription is available in cuts of 10 and 20 dollars and allows you to add funds to your account to pay for a Roblox Premium membership or purchase Robux packages while on Roblox Recharge, Available in cuts of 800 (10 dollars), 2000 (25 dollars) and 4500 (50 dollars), allows you to add Robux to your account.

After you get a gift card, all you have to do to redeem the relative amount is to connect to the Redeem Roblox Cards page of the Roblox website making sure you are logged into your account. Then enter the code shown on the back of the card or sent to you by email (in the case of a digital purchase) in the PIN Code field and click the Redeem button.

At this point, if you have added a Robux recharge, the latter will be automatically added to your account (the amount of Robux available is visible in the upper right corner). If, on the other hand, you have redeemed a Roblox gift card, you can see the available balance in your account by clicking on the gear wheel icon in the upper right corner and selecting the settings option .

On the newly opened page, select the billing option and locate the item Roblox Credit : the available credit in your account is visible next to the Current Balance option . You can use the latter to purchase individual Robux packages by clicking on the Robux item located in the top menu to activate a Roblox Premium subscription, following the instructions I have provided in the previous paragraphs.

How to get free Robux on your phone

If you wonder if it is possible to get free Robux on your phone, when activating Roblox Premium, the answer is yes. However, it will be useful to know that using the Roblox application for Android and iOS / iPadOS only the package that allows you to get 450 Robux per month is available and the cost is higher than the activation from a Pc.

Activate Roblox Premium

To activate Roblox Premium from the phone , start the Roblox application, touch the access button , enter your data in the Username / Email / Tel and password fields and press the access button again , to log in.

Now touch the three dots icon located in the menu below, select the membership option and, in the new screen that appears, press the Buy Now button, to activate the Roblox Premium payment through Google Play or iTunes Store.

As mentioned above, using the Roblox application it is possible to activate only the Robux Premium 450 subscription (a 5.49 dollars/month instead of 4.99 dollars/month if activated by Pc) that allows you to get 450 Robux each month, sell items on Roblox and get 10% more for each additional Robux pack purchased.

If your intention is to activate a different type of subscription, you can connect to the official Roblox website using the browser installed on your mobile phone. Choose the Continue option in the browser and repeat the procedure to activate Roblox Premium from a PC.

Get a Roblox gift card as a gift

You’ve been given a Roblox Gift Card and would you like to use it over the phone? In this case, I regret to tell you that it is not possible to redeem your card amount using the Roblox app.

With that said, you can do so by connecting to the Redeem Roblox Cards page of the Roblox website through the browser you regularly use to browse the Internet. Now, if you have not done so already, enter your account details in the User/email/phone and password fields and touch the access button to access your account.

Then enter the gift card code you have in the PIN code field  to add the amount or Robuxes of the card in question to your account. It will be useful to know that also to activate a Roblox Premium subscription or buy a Robux package using the available balance in your account, you need to proceed from the browser.

In fact, through the Roblox application, it is possible to make purchases and activate a subscription exclusively through the Play Store and iTunes Store.

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