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How To Get M416 Glacier Skin In BGMI

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How to get the m416 glacier skin on BGMI? Here are some of the easiest ways to get the rarest and most popular weapon skins in BGMI.

BGMI offers players a variety of weapons to help fight for survival on the battlefield. Since their release, several BGMI updates have brought many new weapon skins to the game, such as the M416 glacier, the golden AKM skin, and the ScarL beast. From redemption codes to chest openings, these skins can be obtained in several ways.

In one of the previous updates, the developer has introduced the M416 glacier skin which is now a sensation among BGMI players. The premium finish and eye-catching design make it something every player will want to keep in their inventory. Even during the game, it provides users with a great experience, especially in FPP mode.

However, many players are not aware of the process to get the M416 glacier skin on BGMI. So, we have created an easy guide, where every player can get this skin, and brag about it.

How to get M416 glacier skin in BGMI?

There are two popular ways to get weapon skins in BGMI. Likewise, to get the M416 skin, players can exchange unique codes or open classic chests in the game.

Method 1: Redeem code

how to get m416 glacier skin in bgmi

BGMI often shares redeem codes on their social media handles, which can be used to get various in-game reward items. Players must track this SM handle to get the redemption code. Once the developer releases the M416 Glacier skin code, players can redeem it from here:

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Method 2: Open classic crate

1 how to get m416 glacier skin in bgmi

To get the M416 glacier skin in this way, players are required to spend some money to buy UC currency in BGMI. In addition, they can also use classic coupons, which can be obtained by completing in-game achievements and missions. Go to shop >> chests >> classic chests and start opening these chests. If you are lucky, then you will get the skin you want.

2 how to get m416 glacier skin in bgmi


There is no direct method to purchase an M416 glacier shell. However, we recommend following the redeem code method, as many don’t want to spend money on BGMI. Since it is a free process, it is considered the most prominent way to get free gift items.

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