How to get paper in Minecraft

Monday, 19 April 2021 (9 months ago)

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Paper is one of the oldest elements in Minecraft, having been added since Alpha. It was originally implemented in the game to create books but has since found many other uses. It can be used to create cards, banner designs, and more! It has become a valuable and essential item in survival and multiplayer worlds.

How to get paper in Minecraft

Obtaining paper is easy, although it may take some time to secure the resources necessary for a steady supply. This guide explains how to get paper by crafting and other ways to get paper in your survival world. At the bottom of the guide, we’ve provided the code and item data for players in Creative Mode.

Arts and crafts

To make paper, you must first find its resource: sugar cane. This resource is found in rivers and oceans. It can only be placed and generated on blocks directly adjacent to water source blocks.

How to get paper in Minecraft

Once you find the candy cane, take it to a crafting table. Place three in a row (it doesn’t matter which one), and it will produce three pieces of paper!

How to get paper in Minecraft

Note: If you don’t have a lot of cane but want a steady supply of paper, we recommend that you grow several blocks of cane on the water’s edge.


Paper can be found in pre-generated world chests. The list below shows you all of the chests they can spawn in and the odds of that happening.

  • Shipwreck
    • Supply chest
      • Quantity: 1-12
      • Chance: 49.4%
    • Card Chest
      • Quantity: 1-10
      • Chance: 89.4%
  • Bastion
    • Library chest
      • Quantity: 2-7
      • Chance: 89.2% (bedrock: 88.3%)
  • Town
    • Cartographer’s Chest
      • Quantity: 1-5
      • Chance: 61.2%

Other ways

  • Villager: A cartographer from a village can drop paper on the player if he has the Hero of the village trait active.
  • Creative: The paper can be found in the Miscellaneous (Lava Bucket) tab of the Creations inventory.
  • Command: Paper can be given to a user using the / give command.
    • Java: / give PlayerName minecraft: paper
    • Bedrock: / gives the paper “PlayerName”

Did you know that you can also put messages on signs rather than on paper? Check out our guide on creating and using signs in Minecraft!

Download How to get paper in Minecraft

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