How To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

bowls are a tool in Minecraft and this item can be used just like in real life. The bowl is made of wooden planks. Items can be filled with fruit and become a place for food. This time, we will give you a tutorial on how to make a bowl in Minecraft.

There’s no need to linger any longer, let’s see what ingredients are needed and how to make them.

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Minecraft Bowl

Necessary materials

If you want to make this item, you need to collect the materials below:

  • Wood of Plank (3 pieces)

Just like before when you used Wood or Plank for crafting, you can use all kinds of wood planks such as Oak, Spruce, and Acacia.

How to make a bowl in Minecraft

If you already have the ingredients above, you can follow the steps below. Here’s how to make a bowl in Minecraft.

1. Open the Crafting Table

First, you need to open the crafting table. Then, you will see a box where you will place the ingredients.

How To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

2. Enter Ingredients

After that, you need 3 Wood Plans to make this item. You have to put the ingredients in the right places like the recipe. You can see the image below for more information.

Leave the middlebox of the first row blank and fill in the rest with 2 Wood Planks. Then, place 1 Wood Plank in the middle square of the second row. Actually, you can also start from the second line but that’s up to you too.

How To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

3. Done

Finally, you will see the bowl appear in the right box of the crafting table. Now, you can store it in your inventory.

How To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

So, that’s how to make a Bowl or Bowls in Minecraft. If you want to get more tutorials from this game, just click the button below.

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