How To Make A Wooden Ax In Minecraft

Still talking about the basic tools in Minecraft, this time we’re going to the Wood Ax. This item, which is also called the Wooden Ax, is used to speed up the collection of items related to wood. You can also use it as a melee attack and do +3 damage. So here’s how to make a Wooden Ax in Minecraft.

You don’t need much ado, let’s see what ingredients are needed and the steps for making them.

Download Minecraft

For those of you who don’t have the game yet, you can just download it via the link we provide below.

Download Minecraft

Necessary materials

If you want to make this item, of course, you must have the ingredients below first.

  • Sticks (2 pieces)
  • Wood Plank (3 pieces)

As usual, you can use various types of Wood Planks. But usually, players will use Oak or Spruce because it is widely available in this game.

How to Make a Wooden Ax in Minecraft

If you have collected the ingredients above, just follow the steps below. Here’s how to make a Wooden Ax in Minecraft.

1. Open the Crafting Table

First, you have to open the Crafting Table first. Then, a 3 × 3 box will appear as a place to fill the ingredients.

How To Make A Wooden Ax In Minecraft

2. Enter Ingredients

As we have given above, you only need two types of ingredients. This Wood Ax can be made with 2 Sticks and 3 Wood Planks. It’s just that, you have to put it in the right box as the recipe recommends.

Place 2 Wood Planks in squares 1 and 2 in the first row. After that, place 1 Stick in the middlebox and 1 Wood Plank in the left box on the second row. Finally, put 1 more stick in the middle box on the third row.

How To Make A Wooden Ax In Minecraft

3. Done

After placing the materials according to the image we gave above, the wooden ax that we want will appear in the box to the right of the crafting table. You can store it in your inventory and use it later.

How To Make A Wooden Ax In Minecraft


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