How to Make Forge in Valheim

How to Make Forge in Valheim

March 19, 2021


Description How to Make Forge in Valheim

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After we discuss the Charcoal Kiln and Smelter tips, this time we will continue to the next tips. On this occasion, we will provide useful tips for those of you who want to process Copper into Bronze. Of course, this is a mandatory thing that you need to know when playing the Valheim game. The method itself is quite easy if you have followed the tutorial that we provided earlier. Here is an easy way to make a Forge in the Valheim game. Suitable for you beginners.

At Valheim there are several processes for developing existing Materials. Some of these poses usually occur for those of you who want to cultivate Minerals in the game. To make raw materials semi-finished, you need auxiliary objects. Same as WorkBench, Smelter, and Charcoal Kiln. This time we will discuss how Forge works in the Valheim game. Yep, Forge is a new Tool Structure that you need to create to process some Minerals.

Usefulness Forge For Crafting

If you already know how to make Copper Ore into Copper, then this method will be familiar to you. Almost the same as Smelter, Forge is a Tool Structure for processing Copper. But this time the Copper that you have made through Smelter can be processed again into Bronze. Usually, you can use Bronze as the main material to make Tools, Weapons, and Armors. Because the material is light and strong, usually Bronze is the gamer’s choice to make Light Armor.

How to Make Forge in Valheim

Here are some items that you can make using Bronze:

  • Bronze
  • Helmet Bronze
  • Bronze Ax
  • Pickaxe Bronze
  • Copper knife
  • etc.



Materials You Will Need

To make Forge the materials we need are actually easier for us to get compared to Smelter and Charcoal Kiln. Immediately, here are some of the materials you need to make a Forge:

Stone (4)
Coal (4)
Wood (10)
Copper (6)

How to Make Forge in Valheim

Let’s follow the steps below to create a Valheim Forge:
Opens Hammer Menu
Use your hammer to open the hammer Menu. To do this you only need to Equip and press the “RMB” button on your mouse.

How to Make Forge in Valheim
  • Opens the Crafting Tab

If so, the Hammer Menu will open. After that, you can choose what Structure you want to create. Because this time we are creating a Forge, so what you need to select next is the Tab with the name “Crafting”.

How to Make Forge in Valheim
  • Choosing Forge

When the Crafting Tab opens, now is the time for you to choose Forge as the item you want to make. To make it, you need 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood, and 6 Copper

How to Make Forge in Valheim
  • Create a Forge

When all the ingredients are collected, you can make it and place the Forge wherever you like. But you need to remember, that you must place the Forge in a closed room like WorkBench.

How to Make Forge in Valheim

That’s all our tips on how to easily make a Forge in the Valheim game. Hopefully, these tips can be useful for those of you who might just try this game. If you are interested, you can play Valheim on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. For those of you PC users, you can enjoy this game directly on the Digital Steam platform at a price of $7.49. Don’t forget to visit our review about this Valheim game. Good luck!

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