How to Make Splash Potion of Weakness

In Minecraft, players have the freedom to create various potions and consumables. Here’s How to Make Splash Potion of Weakness and what it does in Minecraft.

How to Make Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

how to make splash potion of weakness

To make them, you’ll need two main items: Gunpowder and Potions of Weakness.

The Weakness Potions can be created if you have a brewery, one Bottle of Water, and one Fermenting Spider’s Eye. Just open the brewing stand menu and heat it using one Blaze Powder.

Then, place the Water Bottle in one of the bottom gourd slots, and add the Fermented Spider Eye in the top slot to begin the manufacturing process. This will give you a Potion of Weakness.

Gunpowder is pretty easy to get, and you can get it from Exploding Creepers.

Once you have the items you need, open the brewery and add more Blaze Powder to heat it up. Place the Weakness Potion in one of the lower slots, then add Gunpowder in the top slot. Start the manufacturing process, and you will get the Splash Potion of Weakness.

What does the Potion do?

Not to be confused with the regular variant, Splash Potion of Weakness can be used on other players and enemies in Minecraft.

This will put them in the status of Weakness, causing their damage value to be lowered for a short time, which is useful when you are in a pinch.

That’s all you need to know about how to make a Splash of Weakness Potion and what it does in Minecraft. Be sure to search Twinfinite for tips and more information on the game.

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