2 Easiest PPSSPP Multiplayer Ways on Android (100% Work)

by Rahul Chauhan, Thursday, 7 July 2022 (1 month ago)

Did you know that the PPSSPP multiplayer method on Android devices can actually be done with a fairly easy method, almost everyone can do it. With the PPSSPP emulator, you can also play PS1 console games on Android.

For those of you who want to be able to play PSP multiplayer games but don’t have a console device, you can play them via an Android device. To be able to do this you need an android emulator called PPSSPP. The PPSSPP multiplayer method on Android is actually quite easy but requires a few steps.

Playing PSP games in multi-player will make the game even more exciting and challenging. By taking advantage of this feature, you can compete with friends or other colleagues in a game or game.

What is PPSSPP Emulator?

Before discussing further about how to play multiplayer on ppsspp, it never hurts if you first need to know what ppsspp is. For those of you who don’t know, PPSSPP is an acronym for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably.

PPSSPP is a PlayStation 1 (PS 1) emulator that can initially be accessed using Windows, Linux, and OS X-based devices. However, along with the development of technology, this emulator has also been developed and brought to Android and iOS devices.

As one of the PS1 emulators, this PPSSPP emulator can be used to play PS1 games as a whole, whether played alone or also games that support multi-player features. By knowing how to play multiplayer on ppsspp, you don’t need to buy a PlayStation console, you can enjoy a number of console games.

Armed with this PPSSPP emulator, you don’t need to have a PlayStation 1 to be able to play PlayStation games which are quite interesting and exciting. In addition, the games in this emulator can also be downloaded for free on the internet so you don’t need a cassette.

How to Multiplayer PPSSPP on Android Devices

how to multiplayer ppsspp

Although ppsspp has multi-player features, it should be noted that not all types of games can be played simultaneously with your colleagues or friends. Several types of games that can generally be played with this multi-player feature are fight type games such as Boxing or Tekken 6 which are quite popular.

For those of you who are interested in knowing how to play multiplayer on ppsspp then you need two android devices that will be used to play multi-plater games. The steps are below.

Stage 1; Setting on Device 1 (As Host)

As previously stated, to be able to play PPSSPP in multiplayer, you need two Android devices that are connected to each other. To set up device 1 as a host, here are some easy steps you need to take.

  1. First, please download a multi-player application called ad-hoc server pro on your android device.
  2. If the application is already installed, then please open and then run the ad hoc server application before starting to play PPSSPP in multiplayer.
  3. If you have, please, you can then enter the Settings menu or Settings on the Android cellphone device that you have. Then in the Wireless and Networks menu, you can choose other settings.
  4. How to play multiplayer on ppsspp what you can do next is go to the Tethering and Portable Hotspot menu. Then please activate the Hotspot connection that you have.
  5. When the hotspot connection is on, please open the PPSSPP application that you have. Then please go to the Settings menu and select Networking.
  6. Please check the Enable Networking WLAN/ option and also the Enable Built-in ad hoc server option.

Stage 2: PPSSPP Settings on Device 2 (Client)

In addition to the first device that functions as a host, it must be set, the second device that acts as a client must also be set so that it can be used to play PPSSPP games in multi-player. Here are some easy steps you can take to set up your PPSSPP client device.

  1. Please activate the Wifi connection on this second device and then please connect it to the first device that acts as a host.
  2. The next way to play multiplayer on PPSSPP is that you need to open the PPSSPP application on the client device. Then in the Settings menu, you can choose Networking.
  3. Then the next step you need to do is check the Enable Networking/WLAN option and also the Enable Built-in ad hoc server option. If you have done these two steps then you can move on to the next step.
  4. In this step you need to make sure that the IP address in the Change Pro ad hoc Server IP address section is the same as the IP address of the connection belonging to the Host device.

How to Play PPSSPP Multiplayer

When you have finished setting up the two android devices you have, now you are ready to play PPSSPP in multiplayer. Here’s a ppsspp multiplayer way that you can do to play the game together with your friends.

  1. If both devices are connected with the settings as described in the previous section, then please open games that support multiplayer on both emulators. One example of a game that you can play is Tekken 6.
  2. When the game to be played is already open, please enter the multi-player or ad hoc menu.
  3. In the host device section, please click the Create Room option and then enter the name of the room you want.
  4. The ppsspp multiplayer way on the client device is by tapping the Search Room section and please you can search for the name of the room that has been created by your colleagues on the previous host device.
  5. If you have found it, please tap it to enter the room that has been created. Now you can play ppsspp games in multiplayer on Android devices with ease and fun.

Although playing ppsspp in multiplayer using a hotspot connection access, it doesn’t consume your data or internet plan. This is because the multiplayer features in the PPSSPP emulator only require the Wifi feature to connect the two devices that will be used to play the PPSSPP game.

But if you still have doubts, you can try to turn off your cellular data plan connection before playing multiplayer games on this PPSSPP.

The final word

Thus a review of the easy and practical way of ppsspp multiplayer on Android. Armed with a few easy steps above, you can easily play PlayStation 1 games on your Android device using only the PPSSPP emulator that you can get for free.

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