How to Overcome SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error Code

How to Overcome SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error Code

May 3, 2021


Description How to Overcome SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error Code

Tutorial How to Overcome / Fix SIM Not Provisioned Error Code MM2 and What It Means – Based on the author’s experience when using the XL SIM card on an Android Sony Xperia Z5, maybe many sim card users have experienced it on other smartphones including my friend’s Asus cellphone.

Certainly very annoying especially if the card contains important data and contacts, and unfortunately until now it is not yet known exactly why or what causes the sim not provisioned / service not detected error.

However, we can guess the cause due to several things that are mentioned below in this article.

Update : In my case, the card has not been used for five months, why can it be used again? because it turns out that the active period sim card is still running.

Even though I have tried various ways, starting from cleaning the sim card slot and the sim itself, restarting/rebooting the cellphone, it still can’t be active either.

When the author tried to visit the XL Center, the officer said it was no damage to the cellphone but the sim card was damaged on the yellow chip.

Is it completely true? I did not solve this problem at XL Center, because I immediately returned. Then how do I solve it? Listen below.

How to Overcome SIM Not Provisioned Error Code # MM2 

Maybe until now, one way is to ask for help from the nearest service center according to the gallery of the mobile operator you are using.

  1. Telkomsel / Kartu AS / Simpati / Loop: to GraPARI Tsel.  
  2. XL Axiata and Axis: to XL Center 
  3. Tri / Three: to 3Store 
  4. Smartfren: Smartfren outlets / galleries
  5. Indosat Ooredoo IM3 / Mentari: to Indosat outlets 

I myself solved this Not Provisioned SIM problem online, by calling XL Customer Service directly using my other cellphone number.

CS said, my number had a difference in the SIM Card data that was the cause, I did n’t really understand it and yes, the important thing was that the number was active again.

On the first try, before you go to the outlet, make sure you can use another sim card besides the damaged card, if possible, please immediately fix the sim card that is affected by an error.

But if it turns out that you have replaced more than three different cards until the one who just bought it, the problem is still the same, there is a possibility that it is damaged in the sim card slot on the cellphone.

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Conversely, if another card is active when you insert it into the cellphone, the problem is with the sim card, please use my method by contacting the Customer Service of each provider first.

Be vigilant, don’t try to tamper with your cellphone yourself if you can’t, it’s not recommended, because I’ve read references from various sources both in domestic and foreign forums, even on social media.

According to the master at the XDA Developers forum, the majority of SIM Not Provisioned errors are because the provider’s card is outdated or damaged, meaning that it must be updated, so it has nothing to do with the hardware or software on the smartphone.

” Has nothing to do with firmware, it’s indicated that your sim card is marked inactive on their system .” said the rquandto account on the XDA forum.

This means, “It has nothing to do with the firmware (HP), your sim card is indicated to be marked inactive by their system (mobile operator).”

How to apply for a sim card repair? Submit the chip as well as evidence in the form of a damaged cellphone number, bring personal data such as KTP / SIM, don’t pay or it’s free.


I tried the test by asking each provider through their CS accounts on Twitter, Email, and via Facebook, the answers are the same on average, all are free of charge to fix cases of undetected cards due to errors like this.


SIM Not Provisioned MM # 2 means that there is a problem with the card or the number there is a difference in data. In the past, sim card damage like this often occurred on BlackBerry cellphones, but it turns out that now many Android and iPhone users experience it.

Some of the Causes:

  1. The number is not registered in the provider’s system
  2. The chip on the SIM card is damaged
  3. Simcard slot error (Rarely)

Please try the tips on how to overcome the SIM Not Provisioned Error Code MM # 2 above, good luck.

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