Hyper Front Lite APK

Hyper Front Lite APK

Hyper Front Lite APK Apart from the graphical changes in the Lite version of Hyper Front Lite Apk, players can also take part in classic battles, arms races and squads. Each character not only has the

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Name Hyper Front Lite APK
Publisher NTES Games
Genre Games
Size 850 MB
Version 1.5.1
Update Jul 26, 2022
Hyper Front Lite APK is the most famous version in the Hyper Front Lite APK series of publisher NTES Games
Mod Version 1.5.1
Total installs 50,000,000

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Hyper Front Lite APK Apart from the graphical changes in the Lite version of Hyper Front Lite Apk, players can also take part in classic battles, arms races and squads. Each character not only has their own unique skin, but also their own style of play, and for more variety, the developer has added more than 20 types of futuristic weapons.

Pull the trigger, better! The 5V5 FPS mobile game for tactical shooter fans is now officially released!

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To help more players enjoy Hyper Front, we released the app, which is compatible with more devices. Account saving is available in this version and in the standard version. However, compared to the standard version, the light version takes up less space and RAM for a smoother gaming experience.

  • Hyper Front Lite is a competitive 5v5 first person shooter game set in a future sci-fi world.
  • Intense PvP Competition! It has unique hero abilities to create interesting shots and more tactical possibilities.
  • Exciting and precise shootouts!
  • A masterpiece on mobile! Enter the visually stunning world of science fiction.

About Hyper Front Lite Apk

Hyper Front Lite Apk is an epic style hero shooter where two teams of up to five players can engage in epic duels using special weapons and powers. This version of the game is much lighter than the original, takes up about half the space, and offers pretty much the same experience.

The standard controls in Hyper Front Lite are typical for this genre: control your character with your left thumb and aim and shoot with your right. However, you can customize the controls to your liking in the settings you can move or zoom the buttons,

adjust the position of the joystick and, in short, create a complete control layout that perfectly suits your style of play.

The games in the application last from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the game mode and the skills of both teams. However, thanks to the matchmaking system, the two teams are usually more or less evenly matched. Your goal in each game depends on the game mode.

In bomb mode, one team must place the bomb in a specific location, while the other team must scatter it. In deathmatch mode, you need to kill as many opponents as possible.

Hyper Front Lite Apk Download For Android [Action Game] - Luso Gamer

Like any decent shooter hero, it has a decent cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities that are useful for certain styles of play. Faith Arrow, for example, is a classic sniper: very deadly from a distance, but quite vulnerable if enemies can surprise them up close.

Hyper Front Lite Apk is an excellent hero shooter at all levels with different game modes, characters and weapons. This minor version will not allow you to enjoy the same attractive graphics as the standard version. But otherwise it works perfectly on media-only devices and takes up very little space on your device.

Features of Hyper Front Lite Apk

Extreme tactical shooting!

Use Starcore, grab, aim and shoot! The battlefield is dangerous and moves the fire one by one. Who will win alone? FPS search and destroy mode is here on mobile, so all shooters can experience exciting battles at any time.

anywhere! With options to fight with your teammates, precise shooting, and strategy, make sure to save your gold coins and spend them wisely. Financial gain can be the key to victory!

Turn the tide with heroic abilities!

You always have the opportunity to shine on the hyperactive front! There are tons of heroes with different attitudes and abilities, so you can use clones, capes, barriers, and research abilities to create different strategic possibilities and help your team win!

The addition of hero skills helps traditional shooters bring more possibilities to the original form of the weapon, and you can enjoy an ever-changing tactical shooter!

Equip yourself with more than 20 realistic weapons!

Hyper Front Lite consists of 6 divisions with more than 20 different types of weapons. Each weapon is finely tuned to feel as close to the real thing as possible, and every shot is as exciting as real combat. Learn about weapon stats to maximize them!

Six modes to satisfy all players!

In addition to Search and Destroy modes, Hyper Front Lite has Team Mode, Deathmatch, VS Bot, Quick SND, and Arms Race modes to choose from in Astral. You can improve your skills in New Astral VS Bot.

Hyper Front Lite Apk Download For Android [Action Game] - Luso Gamer

Astral lone can enjoy the adrenaline rush of deathmatch and arms race. How about cooperative? Then join Team Mode to dominate the competition with your teammates!

The three heroes are destroying Planet Pioneer!

Nemesis enters the battlefield! Can he see the truth in the darkness of the void with his unique powers of cloning, teleportation, and cloaking? TITLE comes from the Golden Desert. Its fragmented battlefield, slow speed, and stealth abilities make it an irreplaceable battlefield strategy.

Cure Light, a bionic nanomedicine, has the ability to heal, slow down, and regenerate. Through the folds of space, enter the battlefield to protect the previous planet! The battlefield is changing rapidly. Only the best Astral can conquer these three different new heroes. Can you be so smooth?

Battle across five immersive PvP maps!

Fight in Japanese-style courtyards, arctic ice fields, South American cities, old seaside towns and all-new desert towers. Hyper Front Lite recreates the unique architecture of different cultures to provide a different way of immersion!

Each map has been carefully designed and edited to include the details and mechanisms that underpin various strategies and team formations. It will be a precious time to explore and master the astral!

Main feature

  • You have to choose the right weapon to fight your enemies.
  • Hyper Front Lite is optimized for tablets and large screens.
  • Great game graphics and music.
  • Many levels with different difficulties.
  • Various weapons, from swords to automatic pistols. Just choose the one you like the most!
  • Enjoy this free action game on your phone or tablet!


Simple This game is specially designed for people who use low-end devices. Doesn’t take up much space on your phone. The most important thing is that the minimum characters do not reduce the quality of the graphics.

More than 20 powerful weapons. The game has a huge arsenal of weapons. You can use machine guns, sniper rifles and shotguns. Each weapon has a unique repetition pattern that you must master in order to succeed. Before unlocking a weapon, make sure you know its stats and advantages

Very dynamic battlefield. The map is huge and full of obstacles. They are constantly changing the gameplay to keep it fresh. To win every battle, you must use your environment to your advantage.

Easy operation. The game has very responsive on-screen controls. Just simple tap and swipe to perform complex actions.

Interesting visual experience. The game looks great on any device. It is built with the latest graphics technology to ensure a smooth and realistic viewing experience. You will appreciate the level of detail in each setting.

Different game environment. The game features different environments, including an old seaside town, a Japanese-style courtyard, a South American style, a new desert tower, or an arctic ice field.


The gameplay of Hyper Front Lite Apk is also very simple. The player controls the character to destroy enemies with weapons such as missiles or lasers. In each level, you have to destroy various enemy vehicles. However, to destroy them,

Hyper Front for Android - APK Download

Players should not leave unturned business necessities, as they cannot be destroyed right away. So you have to use all your skills and strategy to win this battle. He emphasizes that the most important reason for Hyper Front’s success is the graphics with lots of colors and interesting details that give it that impression.

He immersed himself in the world of sports. In addition, careful investment has been made in the sound and players have fun while playing.

Hyper Front Lite Apk is an action game where aliens attack humans. You are the leader of a team of fighters who must use their skills to destroy all aliens and save humanity. The game features a variety of weapons, each with their own unique abilities and distinct personality traits.

The game has a story mode that lasts about an hour and an arcade mode where you can play against the computer or other people. Online player. it is free to download and run.

Many heroes to use

Your success in this game really depends on the hero you choose. Each character has unique skills and abilities. To build a strong roster, you need to keep the right balance on your team

You can use the gold you earn to buy new heroes. This allows you to create different squads for different situations.

Better yet, you can further customize it to your style of play. You can change their weapons, skills and abilities to create the perfect character for you.

Customization options allow you to research skills, use clones, and additional perks. This way you can have a very dynamic and strong team. Some of the most powerful heroes are:

Hyper Front 1.2.1 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

This Slavery Hero has incredible powers, including unique clones, veils, and teleportation powers. They are perfect for players who want to be highly mobile on the battlefield.

This screen hero comes from the golden desert. He is an excellent tactician and specializes in long-range combat. He is slow and has good ambush skills, making him perfect for ambush tactics.

treatment light. This hero is an experienced doctor. He has the ability to slow down and regenerate, which makes him ideal for supporting roles. He devoted all of his energy to protecting the leading planet.

Each character, strength

Like Valiant, Hyper Front Lite has several characters that are not only capable of shooting, but also have the ability to fight. Like Thunder Ray, he has the ability to collect lightning to kill enemies. Blink Clarett has the ability to use machine guns at high speed and velocity.

Amrit can detect hidden enemies in the ling and shoot them effectively. Blast Bias wields heavy machine guns like no other… Individual abilities include scanning the battlefield, spotting enemies, teleporting, protecting teammates, and empowering teammates. Of course, this set has its advantages and disadvantages.

This shortcoming is partially compensated by classic to modern and sometimes real weapons. The skill of the companions is also a good base. Therefore, 5v5 combat in Hyper Front is all about the art of strategy, squad building, and choosing the right opponents.

When you combine each character’s natural abilities with the weapons and armor at their disposal, you create slightly different characters with different attack and defense stats. Mastering the interactions between weapons and available moves will give you a better idea of ​​each hero’s ultimate abilities.

pranks with guns

While the characters in Hyper Front Lite Apk have their own abilities, they all have the ability to wield powerful weapons. Hyper Front offers many different weapons, such as UZI, UMP, Barrett, AK, SCAR, SVD, P90 or Ultimax, as well as classic variants modified with bold fictions such as the Faith Arrow Sumi explosive bow machine.

Each weapon has its own characteristics. And while all characters use them, there are different ways to wear and utilize their abilities.

Random combinations based on each player’s strategy and fighting style create a unique style on the battlefield. Also, Hyper Front Lite has various game modes to choose from, Exploration, Destruction, 5v5 and Deathmatch.

Shooting before hype is also relatively easy. The control buttons are perfectly arranged in the right corner of the screen. And during combat, you can also manually adjust other important parameters such as aiming, sensitivity when rotating the barrel, sensitivity with and without binoculars, etc. Depending on the battlefield situation and the character’s abilities, you will have to make the necessary adjustments. Maximum combat capacity for customizable characters.

Futuristic shooter with multiplayer gameplay

The specialty of this game is its ability to play in a fun 5v5 mode. So you have to join a group of players and try to complete various missions given to you and face other users who will try to kill your team by trying to kill them.

Hyper Front for Android - APK Download


Hyper Front Lite Apk is an action based online gaming application for Android. Where guests and registered Android gamers can enjoy smooth gameplay. Many modes with different collections of heroes and weapons.

If we compare the global and lite versions of the game. Then we have a lot in common with the collection of weapons and game modes. However, graphics and other things are completely removed in this new game mode.

The reason for removing this redundant feature is to reduce resource consumption. Moreover, it helps players to enjoy smooth gameplay. Where heating and insulation problems are solved forever.

However, most players prefer to experience a large battlefield. The developers have done their best to manage the resources and implement the requirements in a targeted manner. However, many players left the game due to lag and other issues.

Players are already using these different boosters to improve performance. However, they cannot provide a smooth gaming experience. Taking into account the demand, developers are constantly working on new projects.

Experts say that the newly installed modified version of the game application will not provide a smooth experience. But it also works smoothly on many Android smartphones. So fans don’t have to worry about Android compatibility.

How to download and use Hyper Front Lite Apk?

You can install APKs on all current versions of Android by following these steps:

  • You need to download and install the APK.
  • Go to Settings-> Security-> Unknown Sources
  • Navigate to your phone’s security settings by going to the settings menu. Enable the Install from Unknown Source option.
  • Navigate to your downloads folder using file explorer. Tap on the APK file to start the installation.

You may not be able to install some apps due to compatibility issues, or apps may request the latest version from the Play Store before allowing you to use them. Only devices running Android versions prior to Android Oreo can be used with this method.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Hyper Front Lite Apk download support rooted devices?

A: No, native devices are not supported at this time. While we can get an effective anti-cheat solution, we are considering the possibility to support future equipment.

Q: Is it safe to use APK on my Android device?

A: Yes, it is completely safe because AndroidAlexa owners have researched this Apk. It is completely virus free. AndroidAlexa ‘s secure servers host it. You can download it from there.

Q: Where can I download Hyper Front Lite Apk Download for Android?

A: That’s too simple. You don’t need to look anywhere else to get this software because I have shared it in this article for free. You can download this amazing app from AndroidAlexa.com and share your experience with your friends and family.

Q: Is internet connection required for Hyper Front Lite Apk download to work?

A: Usually you don’t need a fixed Internet connection.

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