How to Install WhatsApp Application for PC

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 (2 years ago)

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variety of chat features that are very complete indeed makes most people interested in installing the WhatsApp application for PC. But, it turns out how to install WhatsApp on a Windows  PC is indeed quite difficult if it does not support Windows on your PC. It can be said that it is quite difficult to install the WhatsApp application so that it requires special methods or tricks to download it.

Sometimes it has been successfully installed but the screen is blank white, what is the cause? So to install the application, you should first make sure that you install WhatsApp is appropriate for Windows with different versions. If support with the WhatsApp version that is owned will certainly make the application run properly. If that doesn’t work, then you can use another solution, which is visiting WhatsApp web on your laptop or PC through the browser

How to Install WhatsApp on PC / Laptop Windows

Do you know how to install WhatsApp for PC without experiencing white blank problems? Here it is about an explanation of how to be more detailed and easy to do.

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1. Download WhatsApp for Windows

The first step for how to install Whatsapp on a PC or laptop is first to note the required Windows version. Well, there are 32-bit or 64-bit windows in accordance with the OS needed.

How to Install WhatsApp Application for PC

Please note that it turns out that WhatsApp PC is not intended for Windows. Therefore, for those of you who still have Windows, it lacks support for downloading it.

How to Install WhatsApp Application for PC

However, no need to worry if you want to download WhatsApp for Windows then you should choose Windows 8 according to the 32-bit or 64-bit versions. Now, this will make it easier for you to continue downloading without having to experience white blank problems.

2. Open Folder

After you have finished downloading the WhatsApp application then you should choose to open the download folder where you will save the results of WhatsApp download the file. Then, you can also right-click on the WhatsApp Setup application file then select Properties.

How to Install WhatsApp Application for PC

Thus, of course, it will make it easier to be able to support use on Windows so that it will not experience any problems, such as the PC screen becomes blank white. No wonder now many people are running WhatsApp applications on computers or laptops.

Therefore, before downloading the WhatsApp application you specify to open the appropriate folder so that support is used.

3. Please enter the Compatibility tab.

After opening the settings menu then select properties then you should be able to go directly to the tab compatibility menu. After you open it, you can immediately check the Run this program in compatibility mode for. After that, you can immediately select Windows Vista. When finished, then you click Apply then OK.

That way then you should really choose the file to enter the Compatibility tab so that support is used on a computer or PC even with the type of Windows.

4. Continue Select Whatsapp Setup

The final step to download the Whatsapp application for PCs in Windows is to open the file download WhatsApp setup then right click then select run as administrator then install the application.

How to Install WhatsApp Application for PC

Wait for the install process to finish to see what percentage the installation process runs on the progress bar. Now, when the WhatsApp process is complete, you can immediately open it automatically with a QR code immediately appearing to be scanned directly on your Android phone.

After that, you can then direct your cellphone or smartphone directly to scan the QR code. Step by step to scan the QR code on an android smartphone, you can read the tutorial here, How to Use WhatsApp Web on Android.

Thus, of course, it will be easier for you to run the WhatsApp application on a PC.

If you have downloaded WhatsApp for Windows but apparently have a white blank problem then you should indeed repeat again in installing the WhatsApp application. However, the thing that really needs to be considered is changing the settings or the Windows properties directly to Windows Vista.

By installing WhatsApp on a PC without the emulator or Bluestack it will be very easy for you to download it without making the screen blank white. Therefore, it’s no wonder that more and more people can install it for Windows.

So what if you have a Whatsapp that can run but suddenly becomes a white blank? This was apparently due to the latest features of the WhatsApp application that cannot be run on your windows. Thus, you should indeed reinstall it in the manner described earlier.

Lack of Whatsapp Application Download on PC

Have you known the shortcomings of downloading the WhatsApp application on a PC? To find out, then consider the explanation contained in the description below.

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1. Whatsapp Web Application

One of the drawbacks of using WhatsApp on a laptop is the application in the form of WhatsApp Web. Do you know the difference between Whatsapp web and WhatsApp app actually? Know that the difference is that WhatsApp web really has to be connected to the original WhatsApp account. So, the use of WhatsApp web is to tap the original WhatsApp account.

This will make it easier for you to run the WhatsApp application on mobile and PC with the same account. No wonder now more and more people are easily using WhatsApp accounts from a computer or laptop.

2. Must be Connected with a Whatsapp Account on an Android Phone

Next, the drawback of using WhatsApp install on PC is that it cannot be separated from the account that is connected in an Android phone. That way you have to connect the two WhatsApp accounts that are on the phone by scanning the QR code available on the laptop or computer.

Well, that way then the overall WhatsApp data contained in the cell phone will automatically be synced directly to the PC. It also makes it easier for you to save various data directly to a computer file without having to move it via USB or data cable. No wonder now more and more people are using WhatsApp web to computer or laptop.

3. The Connection Must Be Stable

Then when you use the WhatsApp application on a PC, you have to make sure the network connection on the cellphone is also stable. Therefore, if the mobile connection is not stable then the web WhatsApp can not be connected then to connect WhatsApp on a computer that must be prioritized, namely the WhatsApp connection on your Android phone that is connected with WhatsApp PC.

That’s about the explanation of how to install WhatsApp on a PC on Windows which is easy, without experiencing white blanks.

Download How to Install WhatsApp Application for PC

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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