Lulubox Free Fire: How To Download & Latest Features (Update 2021)

Lulubox Free Fire: How To Download & Latest Features (Update 2021)

March 18, 2021


Description Lulubox Free Fire: How To Download & Latest Features (Update 2021)

Maybe some of you are familiar with the name Lulubox. Yes, Lulubox itself is a MOD application for various famous Mobile games such as Free Fire to Mobile Legends. By using this application, we can do various things that we might not be able to do. Starting from being able to get skin for free without issuing diamonds to others.

Basically, Lulubox itself cannot be used for the Indian region. But calm down, because this time we will give you complete details on how to download and what features you will get using this Lulubox. Curious? Lulubox Free Fire: How to Download & Latest Features (Update 2021) Check below.

Lulubox Free Fire: How to Download & Latest Features (Update 2021)

The main features of the Lulubox MOD APK software are:

  • Manage all your games
  • Has many plug-ins that you can use in the game.
  • The interaction design is very easy to use
  • Game and rank improvements

Note : This tutorial is made for information only. We are not responsible if your account is banned or has problems. Because clearly the risk is high.

How to use Lulubox Free Fire

Lulubox Free Fire actually cannot be used in India. However, by using Hola VPN to be able to use this Free Fire mod application. Well, here is a complete way to download and use the Lulubox Free Fire application:

  1. Download the MOD APK of the Lulubox application from the link provided above
  2. Install the Hola VPN application from Playstore
  3. Open the VPN application and run the application with the recommended foreign target IP.
  4. Click the lulubox icon in the Hola VPN application
  5. After that, on the game icon, just look for the Free Fire application
  6. Exit Lulubox, then log back into Hola VPN.
  7. Click on Free Fire
  8. Now you have entered the Free Fire lobby. You can go directly to the shop and select the skin you want without clicking Buy
  9. Return to the main lobby
  10. Click Mode
  11. Then head back to the main lobby again
  12. Now you are ready to fight with the skin you chose earlier in classic or rank mode.

Well, that’s Lulubox Free Fire: How to Download & the Latest Features. If you still haven’t succeeded in doing it, at least you have to repeat it again from the beginning of the method we gave above. Make sure you have followed the steps correctly.

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