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The main objective of the Association is to promote and encourage the formation of new derivatives and related markets and to promote communication among members,
to strengthen their relationship and to transfer information and experiences between them.

Currently, the seat of President is occupied by Sri Jayantial J Challani. His effective leadership is skillfully assisted by Secretary Sri Santha Kumar S and his team
experienced and energetic executive committee member.

The Association has established a recommended evaluation panel for the evaluation and assessment of gems and jewelry at the Department of Customs, Central,
Sales and Income Tax Department, Judge, etc.,

MJDMA is efficiently managed by a group of eminent and experienced jewelers led by an exemplary leader, Mr Jayantial J Challani. It is grateful that the association
because of its system and discipline instilled into commerce, it has received recognition from the government to be treated as a trading body equivalent to a chamber of commerce.

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