MX Player Gold Mod APK

MX Player Gold Mod APK

MX Player Gold Mod Apk is a new and latest multimedia tool developed and released by Softiens Technologies for Android and iOS users all over the world who want to replace their device's default playe

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Name MX Player Gold Mod APK
Publisher MX Media
Genre APPS
Size 25 MB
Version 1.47.0
Update Jul 26, 2022
MX Player Gold Mod APK is the most famous version in the MX Player Gold Mod APK series of publisher MX Media
Mod Version 1.47.0
Total installs 50,000,000

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MX Player Gold Mod Apk is a new and latest multimedia tool developed and released by Softiens Technologies for Android and iOS users all over the world who want to replace their device’s default player with a third-party player with more features and new tools from MX Player Gold. free form.

If you search for free game apps on the internet, you can find free and paid apps with different features and tools. Friendly says that not everyone buys paid or premium apps, so they look for free third-party apps or modern versions of premium third-party apps.

MX Player Gold Apk Download For Android [Mod Version]

Today we are back with a mod or pro version of the famous third-party player MX Player Gold Mod Apk, available for all kinds of streaming devices. Like computers, smart TVs, smartphones, and many more. Just like other mod versions, this new mod version is currently only available on third party websites.

Therefore, users need to visit a secure third party website to download and install this new app. In this app, users have the option to play all kinds of media for free without registration or subscription.

Other than that, users get more features and tools which we discuss below for new users so that they can easily decide whether they want this new app or not. If you don’t like this new third party player after installing it, please try other free software from our website below.

About MX Player Gold Mod Apk

MX Player Gold Mod Apk is a highly modified version of the original MX Player for Android. Android users can access some premium features with the hacked version. Various tools and editing functions are included.

On the other hand, the market is already flooded with many high-quality programs. They are widely used and are best accessed through standard programs. The free version of MX Player Gold is also available on the Google Play Store

MX Gold Mod APK 1.2.8 (No Ads) Free Download For Android

While basic functionality is available, many phone users may have a hard time finding professional options. That is, people are willing to pay more for premium features. You may not be able to access it because there is no icese.

Given the high cost of subscription and support for mobile users. The developers have achieved the goal of bringing this newly developed app to the market. This content can be viewed for free and no subscription or registration is required.

There are a few things to keep in mind when installing and using custom software. Premium features include multilingual plugins, downloaders, custom settings panel, built-in advanced categories, custom search filters and much more.

All of these options are available for free. Option not available in the free version of MX Player Android users may have a hard time finding the pro option.

The application framework provides offline and online dashboards. Android users can stream and download videos directly from the search feature. Yes, you can also search the Internet.

Internet connection is required to perform online operations. It is difficult to download and watch online content offline. Please note that once you download a video, viewers can watch it live

Allow all permissions during app installation and enable unknown sources in security settings. After installing the application, open it and you will see the main panel of the application with the following menu list:

  • my download
  • my list
  • MX Show
  • local music
  • App language
  • dark theme
  • normalize video
  • local
  • private folder
  • cost
  • video list
  • network flow
  • Local area network
  • online
  • music
  • furniture
  • Legal assistance

Having an Android phone is always fun. Android users can stream various videos along with audio files through their devices. However, most phone players are simple. MX Player Gold Mod Apk is a product that focuses on advanced features.

Download MX Player Gold Mod APK v1.47.0 for Android

However, Android users can choose from a variety of Android players. Associated with many companies and manufacturers. On the other hand, most accessibility programs are free to use and integrate.

MX Player Gold Mod Apk Features

Watch some good online TV shows

It allows online users to enjoy Internet TV in a fast and attractive way. You can visit many websites to watch this type of movie which is very popular nowadays. Also, if you want to watch romantic or school movies, cinema movies or even action movies,

You can search freely and enjoy the moment of entertainment to the fullest. Also, some live TV programs are shown easily and conveniently. You can also search and access hundreds of famous concerts with many professional singers.

Watch more popular international shows

By joining MX Player Gold Mod Apk Online, apart from watching local shows, you also have access to many foreign TV series. Here you can direct and enjoy hundreds of exciting films from Korea, the United States, and various countries.

These movies always give users a pleasant feeling, make them feel comfortable and forget about the worries and fatigues of life. You can also choose short films or feature films depending on your needs.

Update all news immediately

MX Player Gold Online brings you the latest news and trends in seconds. Plus, it keeps updating and updating to get and stream popular information on News Live TV, Times Now, and many other favorite channels.

The program is spoken mainly in English to make it easier for people from all over the world to hear and understand some of the shows. Depending on the region,

the appropriate language is updated to help users quickly understand the program content and receive information as quickly as possible.

Join some unique games

It can be said that MX Player Online is a special application. Apart from watching movies, it provides users with an attractive and entertaining gaming screen. In the game, you have the opportunity to meet and meet different opponents and you can compete and compete with hundreds of international friends in a live level.

MX Player Gold Mod APK 1.2.8 (No ads) Download - Latest version

If you win after the game, you will get some important achievements and more significant prizes from the show. Not only that, you will learn and gain valuable experience while making friends and meeting many other players from all over the world. Feel free to suggest it and use it with your acquaintances.

accelerated hardware

The program features hardware acceleration technology that uses powerful HW+, HW, and SW decoders to speed up rendering. Significantly improves picture and sound quality. However, you must apply the correct decoder to the correct media file for best results.

Use multicore processor

Most of today’s smartphones come with quad-core, octa-core and more powerful processors. It’s a shame that apps can’t take advantage of this hardware upgrade.

Luckily, the developers at J2 Interactive know what they’re doing and have done a great job adding these great features to take advantage of the power of a multi-core processor. As a result, videos load faster and each command performs better.

simple movement

To make it easier for users to enjoy their moves, MX Player Gold has simple gestures for common commands. You can swipe the screen back and forth to fast forward or rewind content.

Up and down left to adjust brightness, right to adjust volume. Double tap to pause and double tap again to start playback. And there are dozens of additional gesture commands that you’ll understand once you install the app.

Prevent your kids from changing your phone

Let your child watch videos on your phone to keep them calm and obedient. However, they tend to be curious, so they are less likely to try to watch your videos. Instead, most kids will try to “abuse” their smartphones by tapping the screen and triggering dozens of unwanted commands.

A simple solution, in this case, is to use “Kid Lock” or “Touch Screen Lock” to prevent your child from accidentally calling or doing other things like watching videos.

Subtitles enabled

For foreign films, you need at least decent subtitles to understand the content. MX Player Gold Mod Apk allows users to easily download subtitle files from online sources and upload them from app settings. So you can relax for hours watching your favorite movies with subtitles.

The interface is easy to use.

If you download a movie from an online source (already with subtitles), it may not be of high quality due to its large size. And if you want to enjoy movies in high quality, you should stream raw files without subtitles.

Download MX Player Gold MOD APK (Aashram Season 3) 1.47.0 for Android

With this program you can download movies and subtitles separately, then the program will automatically sync with the movies. You can also adjust the speed of the subtitles.

Notably, the MX Player Gold Mod app also includes hardware decoding that makes it easy to watch movies. Multi-core decoding is supported by NVIDIA Tegra K1 series in addition to decoding to increase performance by up to 70%.

. In particular, the Kid Lock feature in the user interface helps children feel safe without having to worry that it will break when holding the phone.

Why choose MX Player Gold Mod Apk?

MX Player Gold is a must have for all movie fans. It has several features that make it stand out from the crowd, including:

Smart check. The app has an impressive set of controls that allow you to customize your experience. For example, you can control the aspect ratio, rotate the screen, rewind, fast-forward, and lock the screen.

Please share your experience. You will have a solid experience with this program. It has bass boost, equalizer and virtualizer that will enhance your listening experience.

Support various video formats. The app supports various video formats including MOV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, MPG, MKV, DAT, ASF, AVI, F4V, WEBM, OGM, MTS, and ASX. Whatever the format, you’re guaranteed to get the perfect look.

HD subtitles. With this program, you can download subtitles in different languages. The program automatically synchronizes the subtitles so you don’t have to worry about the time difference.

Rich collection of movies. This app gives you access to an impressive collection of movies. The app is constantly updated with new titles so you never run out of options.

Personalize your experience. With this app, you can control the brightness, volume, and playback speed. You can activate the child lock to stay safe while watching movies.

Overall, you can be sure that choosing MX Player Gold is one of the best decisions you can make as a movie buff. This program is packed with features to meet all your needs.


Gold Update for MX Player Gold Mod Apk

The program also offers an upgrade to a higher version. The premium version offers many features that will greatly enhance your viewing experience. They include:

Support various types of videos. The app offers videos in various categories including education, entertainment, and health.

Ad-free experience. You won’t be bothered by ads while watching your favorite movies.

High quality video resolution. The premium version of the program allows you to enjoy movies in high definition.

Priority support. If you have problems with the app, you will receive priority support.

Movement control. You can use gestures to fast-forward, rewind, seek, and adjust playback speed.

Watch the video

Now you can do many fun things on your phone that will make your life much easier. Thanks to smartphones, we can enjoy many of the things we do today. We can have fun whenever we want because now we have so many cool games and apps at our disposal.

There are apps for productivity, meditation, school, social media, and more. Nowadays, you can watch videos on your phone with just a few apps. MX Player Gold Mod Apk is one of the best video player that you can use

Nowadays, you can watch all kinds of videos on your phone with this app. The program supports all video formats like MP4, MOV, MPG, MKV, F4V, FLV, AVI, DAT, 3GP, ASF, ASX, etc.

There are so many amazing things you can do with this app that you can enjoy smart controls. Here you can easily adjust screen size, lock screen, fast forward, rewind, change aspect ratio, etc.

MX Player Subscription | Enjoy MX Player Ads Free With Multiple Subscription Plans | MX Player

You can use subtitles or download them online. Many tools are used here.

Supports various types of videos

Today there are many interesting programs that you can use freely. You can use Incredibles for a variety of purposes, such as social networking, education, productivity, and more.

Now you don’t have to pay for many apps because many of these apps are free. If you are looking for a free video player today, you can download MX Player Gold Mod Apk and enjoy many features.

In this app, you can enjoy lots of smart controls to quickly change things without going to settings. You can change brightness, volume, playback and more. Depending on what you’re watching, the app lets you add subtitles or download them online.

Here you can watch all kinds of videos as it supports MP4, 3GP, ASF, AVI, DAT, MPG, MTS, OGM, WEBM and many more. Thanks to this app you can now do a lot of amazing things!

How to download and use MX Player Gold Mod Apk?

You can install APKs on all current versions of Android by following these steps:

  • You need to download and install the APK.
  • Go to Settings-> Security-> Unknown Sources
  • Navigate to your phone’s security settings by going to the settings menu.
  • Enable the Install from Unknown Source option.
  • Navigate to your downloads folder using file explorer.
  • Tap on the APK file to start the installation.

You may not be able to install some apps due to compatibility issues, or apps may request the latest version from the Play Store before allowing you to use them. Only devices running Android versions prior to Android Oreo can be used with this method.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is MX Player Gold Mod Apk download compatible with rooted devices?

A: No, native devices are not supported at this time. While we can get an effective anti-cheat solution, we are considering the possibility to support future equipment.

Q: Is it safe to use APK on my Android device?

A: Yes, it is completely safe because this Apk has been researched by AndroidAlexa owners. It is completely virus free. AndroidAlexa’s secure servers host it. You can download it from there.

Q: Where can I download MX Player Gold Mod Apk Download for Android?

A: That’s too simple. You don’t need to look anywhere else to get this software because I have shared it in this article for free. You can download this amazing app from and share your experience with your friends and family.

Q: Is internet connection required for MX Player Gold Mod Apk download to work?

A: Usually you don’t need a fixed Internet connection.

MX Player Online v1.3.12 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked) Download


We believe that now you have a good knowledge about MX Player Gold Mod Apk Download. The mentioned details are sufficient to describe this Apk to use. If you really like the information provided about the app then please review it and share it with all your friends who like this kind of Apk app.

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