5 Best Knife Skins in Valorant

by Rahul Chauhan, Saturday, 18 September 2021 (11 months ago)

Skin is one of the reasons for players to get a more cool and fun playing experience. By having skin you will feel like a special player because it has a special weapon and is different from other players. The knife skin is one of the favorite skins for players because the knife is an item that is always used when playing Valorant from the beginning to the end of the round. Here are the 5 best knife skins according to androidalexa!

Glitchpop Dagger

Glitchpop Dagger is a dagger skin that you can buy for 4350 VP. The hallmark of this skin is the color of the knife tip pattern that can change color. This knife skin is perfect for those of you who get bored easily with one type of knife.

Glitchpop dagger

Sovereign Sword

Sovereign Sword is a skin knife in the form of a sword and is priced at 3550 VP. The main characteristics of this skin are the blue aura like the wind and the blade length that matches the size of the sword in general. In addition, the distinctive sound that comes out of this skin is very satisfying to hear.

Sovereign Sword


Reaver Knife

You can get Reaver Knife for 3550 VP. This knife comes from the Reaver bundle which has a characteristic darkness. This knife is perfect for those of you who are Omen play because of the matching theme. In addition, you can have a dark aura which is an upgrade with the radiant points of this knife. The black shadow around the blade is the biggest attraction of this skin.

Reaver Knife



Glitchpop Ax

Glitchpop Ax is an ax-type skin that you can buy for 4350 VP. The hallmark of this skin is the transition to the axe production where the ends of the two blades are closed and then open to form an ax. Attractive sounds and colors make this ax one of the best knife skins among players.

Glitchpop Ax

Celestial Melee (OX) Fan

The last one is the Celestial Melee Fan knife skin. This skin is priced at 3550 VP. The main feature of this knife skin is its shape which resembles a bull like a bat, but gets animation to transform into a fan. The satisfying sound and the fan fluttering effect are one of the reasons why this knife skin is so famous.

Celestial Melee Fan


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