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Train your hunters more efficiently with the OSRS BIRDHOUSE on Fossil Island. Our OSRS Birdhouse Running Guide teaches you everything you need to know to gain maximum XP. Hunt like a pro!

The hunter skills in Old School Runescape took a lot of time and attention to train. Fortunately, there are new ways to lighten the load. When Fossil Island was introduced, a more passive training method emerged – placing bird cages. Like tending to a Farming plot, placing birdhouses is a “set it and don’t forget it” training style that allows you to gain a large amount of XP and loot while running around Gielinor and playtime.

Granted, birds are not very well known for their prized droppings – but bird nests are always in demand either containing rare seeds or crushed for Herblore. And it beats tracking Polar Kebbits around the iceberg!

We both know why you are here – so we caught up quickly. Let’s Discuss The Best Osrs Birdhouse Run For Your Training Convenience.

OSRS Birdhouse Run Guide: Preparing for the Run


First, you need to get some birdhouses house. There are several ways you can do this:

1. Craft your house

To make a bird, you need one needle, one log, and the craft level is high enough to make it.

Clockworks can be made in a player-owned by a player with a steel bar and a two or better craft table. You can also buy it at the Grand Exchange.

With Hunting Level 26, you can use Birdhouses Willow (can be used at level 24), which requires a 25-level craft to make.

  • Buy your Birdhouses

They can be purchased directly at the Grand Exchange or traded between players.

Note that you spend more on the bird’s house so than the component part. Make them give a little XP craft too. But if you want to shave every second of your birdhouse, buying ready-made birds may be a preferred choice. You only need four birdhouses plus log to make it to run you – empty them destroy the bird’s house but return the clockwork. Bring additional needles means you will always have a replacement birdhouse that is ready to go.

  • Bring your bait

Next, you will need some seeds for fishing birds. Fortunately, all birds, regardless of the level, have the same rules for seeds:

A birdhouse baiting requires 10 low-level seeds or five high-level seeds:

  • 10 low-level seeds, good hop (crandorian seeds or lower), or spices (harralander or lower seeds).
  • Five high-level seeds, good hop (wild blood or higher), or herbs (radar or above).
    Ideal run birdhouse equipment

The Ideal Birdhouse Run Equipment

The Right Equipment Will Make Your Birdhouse Run Even More Efficient. Note that there’s a bank on fossil island, so you don’t necessarily have to lug everything across the world.

Ideal Equipment For A Birdhouse Run Includes The Following:

  • Weight-Reducing Gear, Like The Graceful Set, A Spotted / Spottier Cape, OR Boots of Lightness.
  • Four Birdhouses of the Highest Tier You Can Use.
  • A Stack of Your Desired Seeds for Baiting the Birdhouses.
  • Digsite Pendant for Teleportation to the Museum Camp on Fossil Island for Banking / Returning to Check the Birdhouses.
  • Hammer and Chisel for Crafting New Birdhouses.


Optional Equipment (Optional Due to the Bank in the Museum Camp):

  • Extra Logs for Maximum Efficiency When Crafting New Birdhouses.
  • A spare clockwork.
  • Farming Tools and Teleportation To Farming Plots (You Can Train Farming Simultaneously For Maximum Efficiency).
  • Teleport Options Like A Charged Amulet Of Glory and Teletabs For Camelot, Varrock, OR Wherever’s Closest To Your Farming Plots

Last but not least, you will need access to fossil islands for placing your birdhouse traps. This has Several Requirements That Will Take A Bit Of Time. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to achieve, Even for Lower-Level Characters.


3 Steps to Access Fossil Island

Accessing Fossil Island Requires The Following:

  1. Completion of the Digest Site Quest. The Dig Site Requires 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, and 25 Thieving.
  2. 100 Kudos. Kudos Are Earned by Completing Tasks Around The Varrock Museum After Completing The Digest Site Quest.
  3. Access to Great Kourend. You can make your way to the Realm of Great Kourend by Talking with Veos at the Port Sarim Docks.
    And with that,

we’re ready to start our birdhouse run.

Osrs Birdhouse Run Guide

Once You’ve Your Birdhouses, Your Gear, And Access To Fossil Island, Your Birdhouse Run Can Begin. The Map Above HAS THE BIRDHOUSE Locations Highlighted for Your Convenience. As you can see, There’s a Bank at the Museum Camp Just About Smack in the Center of the Four of Them.

Step One is going to be making your rounds and placing your birdhouses. The Best Starting Points Are Either The Verdant Valley Left-Hand (Deeper) Space or the Mushroom Forest Space. Why? Because you’ll want to move through the four birdhouse plots sequentially from wherever you start.

Hit Them One After The Other, Moving to the Next Closest Space Without Crisscrossing The Island Willy Nilly. Also, take note of the first birdhouse you put down – that will be your starting point for the next run, working your way through in the same order you placed them.

After placing the first birdhouse, start a timer. You’ll have to wait 50 minutes (More or less) for a birdhouse to fill up with birds. IT Happens On A Tick Interval, Which Comes Out to One About Every 5 Minutes, and Each Birdhouse Can Hold Up To 10 Birds.

It shouldn’t take too long to place them all. For the first lap, we don’t necessarily need to incorporate the bank. Ideally, you’re hit the bank First, then go off to the races. Once Your Birdhouses Are Set, The Next 45 OR So Minutes Are Yours To Fill.

Due to the “Set It and Don’t Forget It” Nature of Tending To Farming Plots, Co-Training Farming Is An Excellent Choice for the “No XP Waste” Player. This is where you’d teleported off to fertilize, prune, harvest, and re-plant as your green thumb leads you.

On Return Visits, You’ll Be Gathering Feathers, Raw Bird Meat, and Nests from the Birdhouses. The Best Process Is to Replace All Your Birdhouse Then Run To The Bank To Drop Off The Goods. That Should Leave You With A Little Over 40 Minutes To Handle Farming or Other Skills, SO Plan For The Difference in Time Between The First Run and Later Runs.

After Making Your First Run, You’ll Get A Feel For The Rhythm Of It. The Key Here Is Time Management and Memorization. If You Forget Your Birdhouse or Start at The Wrong End (Thereby Harvesting Less Than The Maximum Amount of Birds), It’s Not The End of the World – But Your XP Per Hour Will Take A Hit. If You Can not Stand The Thought of XP Waste, Make Sure to Take Notes and Check The Clock.


Now you know what you need to know as the next Birdhouse Run champion! This is not a reality or real title – but it might supply. Whatever, it’s a long and lack of making birdhouse osrs you run a little more magical and click-efficient.

Go Forth and Stack Hunter XP! Herbiboar from Fossil Island will wait for you to reach 80 hunter levels, ready to help you occupy 50 minutes with additional XP and herbs.


You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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