Pocket Ants Apk 2022

What is Pocket Ants Apk Download?

Just like ants, simulation games are everywhere. Simulating ants? Pocket ants! This Ariel Software game is an interesting game that accumulates more than 100 thousand downloads to date.

Pocket Ants is a strategy game about collecting resources for your anthill. Upgrade your colony too. Catch new creatures and feed the ant queen when she needs it.

About the Pocket Ants app

Pocket Ant gameplay is simple. You must improve your base by collecting and strengthening creatures. So you can easily defeat enemy ants while defending your resources.

Feeding the queen ant is the key to getting stronger in Pocket Ant. You will get new worker ants this way. Although strategic, the controls are simple. Slide your finger across the screen to guide your ant and touch the appropriate option.

In Pocket Ant, you build a colony force by gathering resources in the anthill and capturing new creatures every day.

Here, you are a member of the ant colony. Take resources home. Breed worker ants, feed your queen and customize your nest. You will also have to capture and recruit other creatures. You can raid other player’s colonies for resources and rewards. You will become an ant.

Introduction to pocket ants

Ant. They are invisible but they do a lot. They are very hardworking, collecting resources and feeding their queen. As an interesting creature, it is kept as a pet by many. Are you curious about the life of ants?

Pocket Ant will satisfy your curiosity. You will become an ant in this simulation game. You will have to gather resources, feed the queen, improve the nest space, defend the resources against enemy ants, attack other players’ colonies and recruit creatures. Ants can do many things. You will love the simple and interesting life of ants.

Apk Name Pocket Ants Apk
Version 0.0752
Size 71.2 MB
Developer Ariel Software
Category GAME
Mod Yes
Requires Android Android 4.5+

Characteristics of the pocket ants

Ants are interesting creatures. Ten times its weight! they’re tough Pocket Ant lets you be them. Feature:

Ants are everywhere and will get into your food if you leave them unattended. They must gather resources to feed and reproduce their queen. They have to gather resources for winter and rainy days. Same in Pocket Ants! Nuts, leaves, mushrooms and more can be collected. Help build your colony!

Increase your nest space to accommodate more resources. Level up to unlock more rewards. This will allow your colony to harbor more ants. Occupied!

You are not the only ant colony out there; hit and capture others. Also, red ants. Earn them to get daily bonuses! Another creature will appear. Collect and strengthen these creatures. Later, they will defend your colony.

You are not the only ant colony, so attack other players’ property. You must attack other players’ ant colonies to get resources and bonus items. This will increase your manpower and army. Complete daily missions to get epic rewards.

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