How to Make Polls on Facebook, My Polls and Google

Facebook polls are a practical way to gather opinions from your social circle on a variety of topics, both for professional and personal use. Have you ever seen a vote on Facebook and wondered how to make the vote? This article will show you how to do it, using simple methods, more complicated methods, or through Google Forms. 

How to Make Voting Through Status

Voting through this method requires makers to ask questions whose answers are closed (or have already been determined) such as Yes / No. To take a simple vote from your friends and followers, open your Status panel, and select three horizontal points to show all options: 

Scroll down and select Poll : 

In the Ask Something section  enter the question you want to ask. Under the Ask Something column there is an Option column, enter the answer option that allows: 

Click the arrow facing down next to the clock logo to choose how long your vote will be displayed: 

Select Post to run the vote. This voting method is very basic so it is very effective. To make it more interesting, you can add photos to the question. 

The only disadvantage of this polling system is that, unlike the old Question tool Facebook, you cannot follow survey statistics when a response is sent. 

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How to Make a Simple Poll Using the My Polls App

For complex polls, visit the My Polls site, which is a special Facebook application for voting. After opening My Polls, select Get Started Now. Then enter your title poll and select Continue. Next, select Confirm to authorize access with your Facebook account.

In the next window, you can start creating your poll: 

In the Question, box enter the question you want to ask, and in the Question Type section select how you want to ask questions. The type of question defines the type of response; the available options are Text box, Multiple choiceCheckboxesDrop down listScale of 1 to 5Ranking, and many more. 

The Options column will adjust based on the type of question selected and can be modified. When entering potential answers, you can also make these questions as mandatory questions by choosing This is a mandatory question under the Configurations section. In this section, you can also replace the number of your question with an asterisk by selecting Use stars instead of numbers. To save your question, select Save, and the question will be displayed as a preview :

At the top of each question box, there is an icon that allows you to editcopychange position, or delete questions. From the preview, you can also add other questions by selecting Add Question. To proceed to the final preview , select Next: Preview : 

From this window, users can modify the format by selecting Layout and viewing the preview of the mobile version by selecting Mobile preview. To publish, select Next: Publish : 

In the last window, you have two options to send polls: through status updates or invite friends individually. To share polls in status updates, copy the URL and post it in your status update. You can also choose to Add to Facebook Page if you have a specific Facebook page to post polls. To invite friends separately, select Invite friends. To see your poll statistics, select All polls at the bottom of the screen. 

Using Google Forms

Another way to make and post voting is to use Google Forms to make a vote and then use Facebook to share it. Arrange to vote on Google Forms similar to the Facebook application, My Polls. When you finish creating a poll, you can simply copy the URL provided by Google Forms into the status update.

There are two main advantages to this option: first, responses can be easily extracted to Excel. Second, this tool offers more personalization capabilities than Facebook. 

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