PowerAMP MOD APK (Full Version Unlocker) Download

Poweramp APK – In the world of electronics, amplifiers are commonly known as tools to amplify an output.

Now in the world of audio, this amplifier serves to amplify the output of the filtered sound. Now, because at this time the all-digital era, now you can feel the audio as if using an amplifier.

For those of you who want to try the original sensation of listening to music with an amp, maybe you can use a DAC (Digital Ampilifier Converter) like this:

DAC Setup> AMP

If the sound was small, but when passing through a virtual amplifier device or software, the output will be bigger and stronger, of course.

For example, the power from the cellphone is small when playing music using active speakers, it must pass through the amp first so that the sound produced is maximum.

To do custom settings for bass, treble, and others, you can use a series of tone controls.

There are two types of amplifiers. The first is a mono amp and the second is a stereo amp.

The mono amp is only able to amplify the sound of one line only L or R, right or left. But for stereo AMP it can amplify both.

Now with the above setup, of course listening to music only via an Android cellphone feels like watching a live concert.

A more practical solution comes from PowerAmp, this application has become the most popular because it has been downloaded millions of times on the Playstore.

Actually Poweramp comes with a free version and a paid pro version. To get more features, you have to make an in app purchase, aka buy the pro version.

That way all the features that were locked will be fully unlocked. The music you listen to will be bigger, but still comfortable for your ears.


File NameSizeLink
Poweramp-v3-841-Full.apk7 MBDownload
PowerAmpUnlocker.APK72.54 KBDownload

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How To Make PowerAMP So Full

  1. The method is really easy. First install the poweramp apk file above. Then just close it after installing.
  2. After that install PowerAMP Unlocker.
  3. Then run the unlocker, then click launch. Instantly your Poweramp is Full version

The advantages of the Poweramp Mod Pro version application are:

  1. The apk size is very storage friendly, which is only 6MB.
  2. Makes clear sound, and doesn’t overload the phone’s performance.
  3. Has many settings menu.
  4. You can get the pro version below.
  5. Poweramp Pro Apk No Root.

Power AMP APK features:

  1. Can play all types of music files such as mp3, flac, wav, kera, wv, tta, mpc, AIFF, mp4 / m4a, ogg, wma.
  2. If you are used to adjusting the equalizer then you will be familiar with the 10 Band equalizer menu from Poweramp.
  3. Bass and Treble can be adjusted as desired.
  4. You can also display Poweramp on the home screen with the help of the widget menu. By adding a new widget.
  5. You can choose to play songs from within your own folder or create your own library.
  6. Can set Stereo, Mono Mixing, or Balance.
  7. Can be set Gappless and Crossfade.
  8. Edit or add tags with Tag Editor.
  9. Can display lyrics, or search for lyrics with the additional musixmatch application.
  10. Add album art with automatic downloads.
  11. Automatically pause when the headset that is attached is accidentally or accidentally unplugged.

But you don’t need to worry because we provide a pro version that you can download without having to pay for it. Here’s how to make your Poweramp a pro version.

How to Install PowerAMP APK?

  1. Make sure you download the two apk files above.
  2. First, install the PowerAmp apk first. But just leave it alone, don’t open it.
  3. Then install the Unlocker apk. Until here the apk is installed.
  4. Open the unlocker application and check hide from the launcher.

5. Now try to open it and try running poweramp or just click Start Poweramp.

5. Finish, please enjoy.

Don’t worry, your cellphone doesn’t need to be rooted first to enjoy this pro version of the application.

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