Tips to Play PUBG Mobile Anti ‘Lag’

A game like PUBG Mobile does present an attractive graphical display. The reason is, the game made by Tencent does offer a variety of settings in terms of graphics, from Smooth to HDR.

However, do not be haphazard in choosing graphic settings. As it must be adapted to several things, one of which is the device used. If not, it’s not impossible when playing games, it will feel ‘lag’. Gamers of course already know the term ‘lag’ which is quite disturbing when competing.

But don’t worry, the article, ‘lag’ can be avoided. For those of you who are curious, consider tips on playing PUBG Mobile without the following lag:

1. Prepare the Runway Kitchen

Now this sector is the most important thing in smartphones to support gaming performance. Because, in the kitchen runway, all performance processes are digested, starting from the chipset to the internal storage capacity also affects.

If you want to play PUBG Mobile, make sure your smartphone is at least supported by the Snapdragon 700 to 800 range. Meanwhile, RAM capacity also takes part in a minimum amount of 3GB. Because the PUBG Mobile game also consumes quite a lot of storage while it is ‘in progress’.

In addition, internal storage also supports performance. But this does not directly affect, just provide 1GB of space to install PUBG Mobile. More and more free space, also supports increasing the speed of loading your PUBG Mobile.

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In addition, the refresh rate also affects the smooth running of the game. The higher the refresh rate on the smartphone, of course the less likely it is to ‘lag’. Because the high refresh rate that is owned by mobile phones, will support the level of graphics density, including when playing games.

2. Stable Internet

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Now this is no less important, like a soul without a body if this is forgotten. The reason is, PUBG Mobile is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.

Although the 4G network supports better graphics and without ‘lag’, but not necessarily 4G. The most important thing is stable network quality. If the internet connection used supports a stable 3G speed, it is enough to be used to compete in the PUBG Mobile arena.

In fact, this was conveyed by Garena. One of the gaming platforms explained that actually a stable internet connection is what a gamer needs, compared to 4G or 3G.

However, it would be better if you get a 4G network with a stable average speed

3. Adjust Graphics

Graphics adjustments are needed. The reason is, there are various levels to choose from. However, it should be noted that the selection of gaphics should not be based on the desire to get a good display by carrying HDR – Ultra.

If other factors such as devices that do not support, it will occur ‘lag’. To avoid this, non gaming devices can choose graphics rules in PUBG Mobile, Smooth – Medium. These standard rules are enough to display PUBG Mobile matches without ‘Lag.’

Meanwhile, specifically gaming smartphones such as ROG Phone 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro, can carry the above graphic settings.

4. Game Booster Features

One of the advantages of gaming smartphones is having a variety of Game Booster features. This feature supports optimization in game play. Later, smartphone performance will be helped to be more qualified in playing games, including PUBG Mobile.

Of course for those of you who do have a smartphone with a better booster game feature activated. This means that Game Booster spurs your game more ‘smoothly’ without ‘Lag’.

That was a series of steps as tips to play PUBG Mobile to avoid the ‘Lag’. Of course, if you expect to play PUBG Mobile without ‘Lag’, just follow the above blend.

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